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100 W Automatic Amplifier for the KX3 and all other rigs. 

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KXPA100 100 W External Amplifier-Modular Kit (incl. DC power cable) 699.95
KXPA100-F 100 W External Amplifier-Factory Assembled (incl. DC power cable) 749.95
A KXUSB computer interface cable for USB is supplied standard with the KXPA100. 

Note: If you prefer the RS-232 interface, check the KXSER box below to exchange the supplied KXUSB for the KXSER cable (3.5MM to DB9-F).

KXSER KXSER (3.5mm to DB9-F): Exchange Cable
3.5mm to RS232 DB9-F for KXPA100.
(No charge for exchanging the stock KXUSB for a KXSER)
KXAT100 Internal Auto Antenna Tuner Option - Customer Installed 319.95
KXAT100-F Internal Auto Antenna Tuner Option - Factory Installed 369.95

KX3 to KXPA100 Integrated Adapter Cable  (picture)
Provides Amp Keying, Band Data, RF and AMP/ATU control from the KX3 to the KXPA100 and KXPA100 status back to KX3. 

Includes KX3 to KXPA100 control cable (39") , a std 6" Ethernet cable, KXPA100 to KX3 power cable (39" minimum) and a BNC RA to PL-259 RF cable (39"). Longer Ethernet style and RF cables can be used to locate the KXPA100 farther from the KX3.) (picture)


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