Recommended Tools

Elecraft kits are designed to be easy to build and get working, but the tools you use are just as important as the kit itself. To make sure you can build your kit successfully, please follow these guidelines.

Never use the following, as they may damage your printed circuit boards and make your kit unrepairable:
  • Water-soluble flux solder 
  • Acid-core solder
  • Any kind of external flux or solvent
  • High-wattage soldering irons (> 40W or > 800 deg. F)

Recommended solder:

For protection from static discharge, always use a 1—Megohm grounded wrist strap during assembly. Static-damaged ICs are difficult to troubleshoot and expensive to repair. An inexpensive wrist strap is available from Mouser (#382-1500).

Soldering Stations:

See our Soldering Tips Document

Additional tools

Some sources for tools