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Feb 6th, 2018

KPA1500 Now Shipping!

KPA1500s have now started shipping against our backlog (we started several days ago). (Yay! :-) Its been a lot of hard work getting it released and rolling, but we are all excited to see KPA1500s burning in on the test racks and heading out the door!

Margaret taking the first KPA1500 to the Shipping Department.

For the next several weeks the initial shipping rate will be slow as we optimize our production and test flow, and then we will ramp up deliveries each week. We will be contacting customers by phone or email typically 2-7 business days prior to shipment to confirm their shipping info and get their CC for final charges etc.

We are now beginning to ship orders from August 24th, the first day we began taking orders. Due to very large rush of orders we received that day, we expect to be shipping the Aug. 24 orders over the next 3-4 weeks. Please be patient with us as we get this going. Until we get the production rate increased it will be hard to give exact delivery estimates due to the large number of orders. Please note that KPA1500 orders were received simultaneously via the website, emails, mail, trade shows and phone calls, so order numbers will not indicate exactly where you are in the delivery queue. We also received a very large number of KPA1500 orders each day during the first several weeks, so orders with the same order date will ship spread over a large number of days. (Especially the first week's orders.) Please also check our Shipping Status Page for the latest updates.

August 31, 2017

New Elecraft MH4 Microphone (for K2/K3/K3S)

Our new MH4 microphone is an enhanced replacement for the MH2, which is no longer available. It can be used with the K2, K3, and K3S transceivers. The MH4 has the same sensitive, high-performance element as the MH2, and can be used with the same bias and gain settings.

Other than the plug, the MH4 is identical to our MH3 mic, used with the KX2/KX3.

The MH4 has UP/DN controls, already supported by K2/K3/K3S firmware. On a K3 or K3S, UP/DN can be used to move the VFO or do channel hopping. On a K2, UP/DN alternates between VFO A and B.

The MH4 has a slimmer, more modern form-factor than the MH2, along with a less bulky coiled cord and a removable bracket that can be used to hang the mic in mobile applications.


July 14, 2017

Ordering your K3S is now as simple as one click on our order page! We’ve taken the most popular K3S configurations and created three separate K3S packages to fit your operating style. You can also add additional options to your K3S package when you place your order or in the future. Learn More Here!


February 3, 2017

We've just completed our "What would you do with a KX2?" joint contest with K6UDA. Here are the winning videos that won a KX2 with all options. Pretty cool!


December 2, 2016

Looking forward to speaking at PAARA this evening. See you all there!

PA Amateur Radio Assoc.


Holiday Orders

If you need your order delivered by December 24...

  • Domestic order (within the U.S.) must be placed by December 8.
  • International orders must be placed by December 2.

Expedited shipping is available for those last minute orders, but guaranteed delivery only works if all of the stars align!




September 19, 2016

Santa Cruz County Amateur Radio Club celebrated its 100 Year Anniversary at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History on Saturday, where club members displayed ham radio equipment from 1916 to 2016. There were several speakers who shared information on Ham History, History of Morse Code, ARRL-The next 100 years, History of Elecraft, Introduction to DX and more! It was a good time for all. Congratulations, SCCARC!


September 6, 2016

Interested in winning a KX2? Visit https://youtu.be/tnxONIjovn4 for details.


August 26, 2016

We added AM mode to the KX2 today, both transmit and receive. Its primary purpose is for SWL (short-wave listening), i.e. copying commercial AM stations. (Remember that the KX2's sensitivity drops off rapidly below 2 MHz due to protective high-pass filtering, so it wouldn't be your first choice for AM brodcast-band DXing.)

AM transmit is far less efficient than SSB, so it would typically be used only if the target receiver can't demodulate SSB, or for special applications. For example, there's some AM activity and experimentation in the ham bands, notably around 3.870 kHz at night. you'll have to drop in with 10 watts (carrier + sidebands) and get a report.

While the KX2 was optimized for SSB, AM mode sounds fine, and of course is easier to tune than when using SSB modes with AM. In AM mode, the operator can select 1, 5, 9, or 10 kHz steps for course tuning using the VFO CRS menu entry. (Yes, some countries use 9 kHz intervals between stations.)

If you're interested in testing AM mode on the KX2, please view the KX2 Beta Firmware Instructions.


May 14, 2015 

We are lookng forward to fun times at the Dayton Hamvention this weekend!

Come visit and see our latest products at Elecraft booths 181-184  

K3S Datasheet    K3S FAQ P3TX Monitor FAQ

Eric & Wayne

April 12, 2012 ;

KX3 Ad From QST  (4.8 MB) 


April 4, 2012

KX3 Customer first impressions from K2UM  


March 29, 2012

First Production KX3 Ships!

The first KX3 shipped today at 16:27 PDT. The picture above shows Lisa as she rushed out our front door to catch the postal service truck as it was driving by. We had missed today's postal pickup at our shipping dock, but someone noticed the truck down the street and we caught it before it got away.. Fortunately one of us (Eric) was able to rush out ahead of her to take this picture. 

Please be patient as we ramp up production. For the next week we will be shipping small quantities as we begin manufacturing. We will then ramp up production over the next three weeks to our final production rate. Please resist the urge call or email us right now for your order shipping status, as that will overload our staff and slow KX3 shipments. (The phones are already pretty busy with new orders..)  We will notify everyone just prior to their shipment to confirm everything. 

We will also update the shipping status page regularly with the current order day that we are shipping. (Check your original order confirmation for the date.) December 27th was the first day we took KX3 orders and we received many hundreds that day, so we'll be working our way through those first day orders for the next several weeks. 

We appreciate your patience as we have worked to get the KX3 ready to go out the door. Its a fantastic rig and we're looking forward to hearing your reports as you put it into action!


Wayne, Eric and the whole Elecraft team.

March 28, 2012

Coming Soon! KAT500 High Power Autotuner

The KAT500 is a new high power autotuner that can be used with both the K3/KPA500 and all other HF amplifiers and transceivers. The KAT500 uses the same topology and high performance tuning algorithms as the popular 100W autotuner in the K3.  Typical matching range at 500-600W is up to 10:1 on most bands. (slightly less on 160m and 6M). This also equates to a range of 3:1 for higher power levels, up to 1200-1500 W.

The KAT500 has a front panel SWR display and three Switchable antenna outputs. It is the same width and depth as the K3 and the KPA500, and it is just 1.5" high.

We have the tuner the lab now for final testing and firmware optimization. We hope to have it ready to sell by the Dayton Hamvention in May, or earlier. 

March 24, 2012

New Interview from the Orlando Hamcation hamfest by HamRadioNow TV.  Covers the KX3, K3 Remote, K3/0, K-Line, P3-SVGA and Elecraft history.


March 9, 2012

P3 SVGA video adapters for the P3 are now shipping. It will take us several weeks to ship all of the backlog.


Dec 28, 2011

Now accepting orders for the Elecraft KX3 Transceiver


Thank you for your interest in the new Elecraft KX3. We've been putting the finishing touches on the KX3 and its options, and we're now taking orders for delivery planned to start in late February.

You can now order the Kx3 via our Elecraft Secure Order Form Some of the options can be ordered now, while others (including the internal 2-m module and 100-W external amplifier/ATU), will be available later, after the KX3 ships.

The basic KX3 includes:

   * 10 watts output typical (13.8V) on 160-6 meters. (Up to 5W using internal batteries)
   * All modes (SSB, CW, Data, FM, AM)
   * Many features from the Elecraft K3, including the same full-size LCD
   * Advanced DSP features, including PSK31 and RTTY text display, noise reduction, auto-notch
   * Built-in 8-AA-cell battery holder
   * USB serial cable for firmware upgrades and for use with logging/contesting software

Available options include:

   * KXPD3 precision attached keyer paddle
   * KXFL3 dual-bandwidth roofing filter module for SSB/CW/Data modes
   * KXAT3 internal wide-range automatic antenna tuner
   * KXBC3 internal NiMH battery charger
   * MH3 hand mic with UP/DN VFO controls
   * RS232 control cable (optional replacement for supplied USB cable)

In addition, a custom-designed KX3 dust cover is available (please contact ElecraftCovers@gmail.com ).

Delivery of both the basic KX3 and options subject to availability. As always, we invite suggestions for new features, improvements and accessories.

For more information ontheKX3, including pictures, specifications and videos, see our KX3 Page

We hope the KX3 will accompany you on many adventures to come!

Wayne, N6KR
Eric, WA6HHQ

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