Elecraft KIO2 and PA FAQ (5/22/01)

Q: Will the K2 Internal PA have a serial port for computer control?
A: Yes, an RS-232 port will be included as an integral part of the PA. It will be physically part of the PA's PC board. 

Q: Since the PA will include RS-232 capability, why would I want to buy the KIO2?
A: There are at least four possible reasons:

1. You don't plan to buy the PA.

2. You want to take advantage of the K2's "dual-use" philosophy: i.e., you can swap back in the original top cover (with KBT2, KAT2, and KIO2 options) at any time to use the K2 as a fully-integrated, low-power portable station. It takes about one minute to do this swap, assuming you don't lose any of the six screws ;)

3. You plan to buy the PA eventually, but can't wait to get started with computer control. (Yes, we're showing a demo unit at Dayton, but no, we can't put a shipping date on the PA yet. We won't ship it until we're confident that it works as advertised, is easy to build, and has been fully tested for compliance with all regulations.  It will also be extensively field-tested. A piece of equipment that consumes up to 20 amps and produces up to 200 Vpp into 50 ohms, AND is to be built as a kit, requires unwavering attention to safety issues!)

4. You want to control an *external* PA (of any kind, be it homebrew, commercial, or from a kit company), leaving the K2's original top cover in place. The KIO2 makes this a lot easier because the necessary control signals are routed to a single connector. This includes an auxBus signal, which could be used to control Elecraft external equipment. You can connect both a computer and an external  PA or other accessories to the KIO2's 9-pin "D" connector.

Q: If I buy the KIO2, then later buy the PA, would I get a credit for having purchased the KIO2?
A: No. We consider the K2 a dual-use transceiver, and the KIO2 is a part of the low-power configuration. This is entirely separate from the high-power configuration.