T1 Miniature Autotuner For All Rigs

(and FT-817 remote-control adapter)



KAT100 High Power Automatic Antenna Tuner


The KAT100 is an ideal match for the K2/100, and will also work with the K2. It can easily handle from 200 mW to 100 watts, and its 10 LEDs accurately monitor SWR during transmit. Like the KAT2, the KAT100 includes two antenna jacks--it's like having two ATUs in one. 

Because of its tight integration with the K2, the KAT100 offers many advantages over other external auto-tuners:

Key Features :

The low-profile KAT100-1 can be placed beneath the K2, while the full-height KAT100-2 is intended for side-by-side arrangement with the K2 and mounts inside the EC-2 project enclosure. The KAT100-2 includes front and rear panels that match our EC2. (EC2 sold separately.)

Pre-wound toroids for the KAT100 kit are also available from Mychael, AA3WF.  Pre Wound Toroids Order Form

KAT100 reviews at eHam.net

Note: The KAT100 requires a K2 or K2/100 to operate. (KIO2 or KPA100 option must be installed in the K2 order to interface to KAT100.)

KAT100 Pictures  - Click to enlarge.

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KAT100diag.jpg (163472 bytes)


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kat100-2_fr2.jpg (51208 bytes)

KAT100-2 in EC2

kat100-2_bk.jpg (85178 bytes)

KAT100-2 in EC2

kat100-2_panels.jpg (48814 bytes)

KAT100-2 Panels