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Your K2 and some of its options will not function correctly with the K60XV unless they meet the requirements listed here. Please read all items carefully.

Firmware Requirements

Hardware Requirements


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K60XV Upgrade and Firmware 



60M Band and Low Level Transverter Interface Option (Manual)


Free upgrade to 2.04P MCU and 1.09 IOC with K60XV purchase (Check only if you have K2 firmware earlier than 2.04P, K2 serial number less than #4060). 2.04 Upgrade Notes


2.04P F/W Credit (Check only if you previously purchased K2FWMCIO 2.04P as part of an upgrade. Serial number 4060 and higher K2s already ship with these f/w revisions and do not receive the credit.)


KAT2 F/W Upgrade to 1.07


KAT100 F/W Upgrade to 1.05


Component changes to the KPA100 to improve high SWR operation and support 60M operation. If KPA100MODKT and KPA100SHLDKT are both installed then FWKPA100 1.09 can be used to increase SWR power reduction level to 2:1. Manual


KPA100 Shield Upgrade. Internal shield for the KPA100 with side grounding clips. Provides better shielding between the KPA100 and the K2 under high SWR transmit conditions. Already included with all KPA100 kits shipped on June 14, 2003 or later.


KPA100 F/W 1.09 (Optional for the K60XV - Increases KPA100 SWR power reduction threshold to 2:1 - requires KPA100MODKT and KPA100SHLDKT.)


SSB F/W Upgrade to 1.08. Only needed if you plan to use the K60XV  with low-power transverter I/O in SSB mode.


K2 Rear Panel upgrade. Adds two connector holes for transverter I/O on the lower rear panel. Included with new K2s starting at #4088


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Dec 21, 2005  -  Prices and specifications subject to change without notice.