K3, K3S, KX3 and K2 Control Software

(See below for KPA1500, KPA500 and KAT500 Remote Control S/W)

Elecraft radios are supported by all of the popular logging, rig control and digital programs today. In addition, there is also an expanding list of contributed utilities and programs to enhance your station's operation with Elecraft gear. We expect this list to get even longer so send us your suggested links for any new and exciting software packages you use with your Elecraft gear! Send your requests to k3support@elecraft.com.

Note: The software listed on this page consists of commercial grade products offered by 3rd parties and contributed utilities from individual authors. While it is provided for operators of Elecraft products to learn and use, Elecraft does not directly support software products listed on this page. Please refer to the support forums of the listed products for detailed configuration and operating tips.


Most K3 programs will also work with the KX3.

K3/K3S, KX3 and K2 Control & Setup Programs:


Logging Programs that support the K3/KX3/K2  (Please let us know of other logging programs that have K3 or K2 support.)

(If you do not see a specific K3/K2 entry for the radio interface to a logging program, use their Kenwood TS-950 or TS-570 protocol setting.)

KPA1500, KPA500, KAT500 Remote Software

This software is helpful in using your K3S, K3, KPA1500, KPA500 or KAT500 in a Remote Setup. This includes a RemoteRig or PC based remote.

KPA1500 Remote Program (v1.18, 8/30/18)
* Requires KPA1500 FW 1.64 or newer.
 Allows for Remote for monitoring and controlling the KPA1500 amplifier.
- Dual server and client mode: Can be configured to operate back-to-back in a client and server.

Also can directly connect to the KPA1500 USB, or via IP addr on your local network.
- Using the USB port or Ethernet connection on the KPA1500, you can use this app to remotely control the amp from a computer in the shack or from across the internet.
- Multiple Operating Views: You can choose the full instrumentation view or a Mini-Vertical or Mini-Horizontal view.


KAT500 Remote Program (v1.15)
* Requires KAT500 FW 1.41 or newer.
Allows for hosting a KAT500 Remote for monitoring and controlling the amplifier. This program has a built in server and client.

KAT500-Remote User's Guide

Download (Requires .NET 4.0, Windows XP or newer) --->

KPA500 Remote Program (v1.15)
* Requires KPA500 FW 1.33 or newer.
Allows for hosting a KPA500 Remote for monitoring and controlling the amplifier. This program has a built in server and client.

KPA500-Remote User's Guide

Download (Requires .NET 4.0 Windows XP or newer)


K2 Remote and K2 Voice Program Downloads and Instructions

K2 Voice provides complete K2 voice feedback (frequency, mode etc.) via you PC. ( K3 Voice is in final development and test.)

We have written K2Remote  as a very basic introduction to what can be controlled on the K2 and K3 via RS-232 or USB. The authors above have extended this concept in a number of excellent ways! 

 To save these files, rather than running them directly from the web site, you may need to right click on their links and then chose the "Save Link As" option for Netscape, or the "Save Target As" option from Microsoft Explorer. 

When possible, we will post updates to these programs in both the full install form and the much, much smaller K2 Voice and K2 Remote .EXE files (<150KB). In most cases, once you have done a first full install, which includes all the Windows .DLL routines needed by the programs, you can download just the .EXE version of each update without all of the extra full install overhead.

Note: If you experience out of memory problems during loading of the Windows installer engine included in the complete (2) K2 Voice and (2) K2 Remote  installation programs, or if you are running Windows NT, you  should first download the Microsoft Installer to a temp directory and run it to install it on your system. Then download the (1) K2voice  or (1) K2 Remote installation program above, which does not try to install the installer engine.. 

K2 Remote

K2 Remote Main Screen


K2 Remote is a basic demonstration RS-232 control program designed for the K2 that runs under Windows (95,98, 2000, XP & ME). It requires the K2 KIO2 RS-232 control option to operate and is provided free without warranty for your use with our KIO2 option. For more extensive remote control applications please see the list of programs at the top of this page.

K3 Voice


K2 Voice

K2 Voice Main Screen


K3 Voice and K2 Voice are voice feedback programs for the K3 and K2. They run under Windows 95,98, 2000 & ME. (And vista for K3 Voice). They are provided  free, without warranty or ongoing support for your use. K2s will require the KIO2 option.

Our goal is to make the K3 and K2 useful for hams who are unable to see the normal controls and displays. It will report most common operations on  using the soundcard in your PC. Both programs report the frequency, mode, filter selections, split, VFO a/b etc.

The Programs operate in one of three modes:

K2 Voice Installer

K3 Voice Installer