K2 and K2/100 All HF Band CW/SSB Transceiver Kits 

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K2 K2/100  (K2 + KPA100)

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QST K2/100, KPA100 Review (pdf)  ARRL Members Web Page

K2 & K2/100 Data Sheet on our Manual Download Page

K2 Packages

   K2 PAK 1

  • K2 HF Transceiver
  • KNB2 Noise Blanker
  • Elecraft Logo Hat

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   K2 PAK 2

  • K2 HF Transceiver
  • KSB2 SSB Option
  • KNB2 Noise Blanker
  • MH4 Hand Microphone
  • Elecraft Logo Hat

   $50 Savings!

   K2 PAK 3

  • K2 HF Transceiver
  • KSB2 SSB Option
  • KNB2 Noise Blanker
  • KAT2 20W Internal ATU
  • MH4 Hand Microphone
  • Elecraft Logo Hat

   $75 Savings!

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QST Magazine "The K2’s receiver performance compares very favorably to that of the samples of the high-end radios we’ve recently examined... The fact that a radio in this price class—and a home-built one at that—can stand proudly in such company is a remarkable accomplishment."  March 2000 QST K2 Product Review

The K2 is a full-featured HF transceiver with the options you have come to expect from radios costing over twice as much. Two VFOs with multiple memories, split TX/RX operation, RIT/XIT, full break-in CW, memory keyer, narrow IF crystal filtering, excellent RX dynamic range and IF derived AGC are standard on the K2.

Performance: We've designed big rig features and performance into the K2. Eric and Wayne are experienced CW operators, so solid CW performance (in addition to SSB) is a priority with the K2. Excellent sensitivity and dynamic range, Full QSK Break-in (diode switched), adjustable RX/TX CW pitch, High Speed Memory Keyer, Selectable RX Sideband, and Sharp IF Crystal Filtering are standard. Check out our K2 Performance Number Comparisons with other radios for more details.

Low Power Consumption

The K2 is designed for use both at home and in the field. The K2’s low receive current (approx. 150 mA in battery save mode) makes portable operation possible from small gel cell batteries. The K2 even includes an option for an internal 2.9-Ah rechargeable battery.

Build the K2 for QRP or 100W Operation
The K2 offers efficient QRP CW operation with up to 15 watts output. Build it as a K2/100 by including the internal KPA100 option to get a full featured 100W radio. The KPA100 kit of internal parts, including its micro-controller and heatsink fit totally inside the K2. The KPA100 includes an internal speaker and a RS-232 Aux I/O computer control rig  interface (equivalent to the KIO2), SWR / Power metering and microprocessor controlled silent PIN diode switched T/R.

We also offer SSB, 160 M, a High Performance Noise Blanker, RS-232 computer control, Auto-Tuner (ATU), Internal Battery and Audio Filter options. (See below)

Easy Alignment: No sophisticated test equipment beyond a digital multi-meter is required to align the K2. Our built-in microprocessor and A/D circuitry monitor all important signals and provide user feedback during calibration. They even include a built in general purpose frequency counter, volt meter and radio current drain meter. Our thousands of K2 owners will attest to their success building the K2!

Customizable: We've designed the K2 for easy user modification. All interfaces and signals are fully described in the manual.

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K2/100 Transceiver folded out. (Click to enlarge)

(KPA100 option - with shield removed -  on the right)



          K2 STANDARD FEATURES   Specifications and Pricing subject to change without notice.
  • Rugged, attractive custom enclosure

  • Small, portable size: 2.9h x 7.8w x 8.2d inches 

  • Weight 3.3 lbs. (excluding internal options) 

  • 80-10 meter ham band+ coverage; 160 m optional 

  • Efficient 12 Volt (10 - 15 V) operation for home or field 

  • Receive current as low as 150 mA (battery save mode) 

  • CW-only or SSB/CW + Digital Modes with SSB option 

  • Back-lit LCD and LED bargraph; day/night settings 

  • PLL synthesized--low phase noise 
    Microprocessor controlled 

  • 3 transverter bands; programmable display, I.F., power 

  • Dual VFOs with split operation. 

  • Direct keypad entry of frequencies and memory channels. 

  • RIT and XIT with four offset ranges 

  • Built-in high-efficiency speaker 

  • Memories store mode, VFO A/B, split, RX filter, etc. 

  • Simple menu system for advanced settings. (Up to two menu functions can be assigned to the two programmable front panel function keys.) 

  • Room for additional connectors on the rear panel 

  • Smart ‘hunt and pounce’ band-scanning mode 

  • Low-noise, single-conversion superhet receiver 

  • Double-balanced diode mixer for excellent dynamic range

  • Receive sensitivity: 0.15 uV (pre-amp on, typical.)

  • Narrow ham-band, double-tuned bandpass

  • RX/TX filters, relay switched for better IMD response

  • Smooth, fast attack, I.F.-derived AGC (no "popping") 

  • Switchable preamp and attenuator

  • Variable-bandwidth I.F. crystal filtering 

  • Multiple VFO tuning rate selections 

  • 10 Hz tuning resolution 

  • Bar graph S/RF OUT/ALC meter 

  • Adjustable squelch 

  • Adjustable 0.1-15 W (K2), 0.1 – 100W (K2/100)

  • Rugged, SWR-protected, push-pull PA transistors 

  • Programmable current limit for battery operation 
  • Harmonics and spurious outputs: Better than –40 dBc 
          CW FEATURES
  • Full diode switched break-in with variable QSK delay (Both at QRP and 100W levels)

  • 9-memory keyer; iambic A and B; adjustable weight 

  • 9-50 wpm (internal keyer); 70+ wpm (external keying) 

  • Programmable message repeat interval 

  • Simultaneous computer and paddle CW keying inputs

  • Variable bandwidth crystal filter (approx. 200 - 2000 Hz)

  • Adjustable RX CW offset with tracking TX side tone.

  • Selectable opposite sideband RX for QRM reduction 


K2 and Accessories

Click on underlined part numbers for details.



 HF Transceiver


100W Ext. ATU


100W Option (K2 + KPA100 = K2/100)


SSB Option


160M, 2nd RX Antenna Option


Internal Battery Kit


Noise Blanker Option


(KBT2 w/o Battery)


Audio Filter and Clock


Replacement Battery
K60XV 60M and Transverter Adapter


RS-232 Interface


1.5" Tilt Stand for EC2, KAT100


Std 3" Tilt Stand for EC2



Proset-K2 Heil Boom Headset for the K2
Transverters (K2 and most HF rigs) Band Decoder (K2 and most HF rigs)
XV50  6 Meter Transverter KRC2 Band Decoder for Ant Relays
XV144 2 Meter Transverter
XV222 222 MHz Transverter
XVOVN Crystal Oven for XV

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K2 Option Details

KPA100:  K2/100 Internal Integration Kit

The KPA100 allows you to complete your K2 as a K2/100 full featured 100W HF transceiver. The kit of internal parts and heatsink fit totally inside the K2. The KPA100 also includes SWR / Power metering, microprocessor controlled PIN diode switched T/R, an internal speaker and a RS-232 Aux I/O computer control rig  interface (equivalent to the KIO2). (Not compatible with other radios.)


Proset-K2 Headset with Heil Elements

This microphone is the result of a collaboration between Bob Heil of Heil Sound and Elecraft. They all use the Heil high performance condenser element which is optimally matched to the K2 and provides excellent SSB audio quality.

kaf2_side.jpg (72192 bytes)

KAF2 Audio Filter and Real-Time Clock

The KAF2 provides an elliptic, L-C low-pass filter, and a narrow band-pass filter for CW or data use. The low-pass filter rolls off noise and high-frequency QRM while having no impact on speech or data signals. The low-noise, two-stage, active band-pass filter helps pull in weak CW signals, and can be turned on or off from the front panel.

In addition to two audio filter settings, the KAF2 includes a real-time 24-hour clock/calendar with its own multi-year backup battery. Just tap the DISPLAY button to see the time or date on the K2's LCD! Great for field trips--no need to take along a digital clock. Supports MM/DD and DD/MM date formats.

ssb2.jpg (41160 bytes)

KSB2 SSB Adapter

The KSB2 adds SSB and data modes to the basic K2 transceiver. Includes an optimized, 7-pole, 2.2-kHz crystal filter. Can be used with nearly any dynamic or condenser microphone.

KNB2.JPG (123077 bytes)

KNB2 High Performance Noise Blanker

The KNB2 eliminates most pulse-type noise, including that from power lines.

160M.jpg (11207 bytes)

K160M 160M and 2nd RX Port

Adds 160 meters TX/RX and a 2nd RX antenna input (usable for all bands). Also supports transverters needing split TX/RX paths.

KIO2Top4.jpg (78883 bytes)

KIO2 RS-232 Interface and Aux I/O 

You'll be able to do full computer control of the K2 with the KIO2 installed, and you won't need an external level converter, since the KIO2 provides true RS-232 levels. Compatible with most contesting and logging software, as well as our own K2VOICE and K2REMOTE programs. The KIO2 Programmer's Reference provides extensive information for those writing custom K2 control programs. 

Note: The KPA100 option for the K2/100 includes a RS-232 interface. The KIO2 is only needed for the base, 15W  K2, without the KPA100.

AB7MY_ATU_Top.jpg (31690 bytes)

KAT2 Automatic Antenna Tuner

The KAT2 allows you to connect nearly any antenna directly to the K2 and use it on all bands (160-10 m). Two antenna jacks are provided--instantly A/B test both antennas on any signal using the ANT 1/2 switch. Uses all latching relays, so current drain is zero except when tuning.

KAT100fr.jpg (57099 bytes)

KAT100 External 150W Auto Tuner for the K2 and K2/100 

The KAT100 is an ideal match for the K2/100, and will also work with the K2. It can easily handle 150 watts, and its 10 LEDs accurately monitor SWR during transmit. Like the KAT2, the KAT100 includes two antenna jacks--it's like having two ATUs in one.

ATU_Installed_wbatt.jpg (23738 bytes)

KBT2 Battery

With the KBT2 installed, the K2 becomes the ultimate all-band field radio. Rated at 2.9 AH, the gel-cel battery is extremely safe, and can be recharged inside the K2 continuously from the same DC supply used to power the rig at home. Power outage? No problem--you'll never miss a beat! (KBT2 not available for K2/100.)

EC2.jpg (79863 bytes)

EC2 Custom project enclosure

3"H x 8"W x 8"W  (Same size, color and finish as the K2)

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"I Can't believe it's a kit!"    

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