Builders for Hire

Nov 30, 2016

Here are some hams who are willing to build K1's, K2's, K3Ss, KPA500s and our other kits for others. Some will charge less for those who cannot build a kit themselves due to a disability, etc. All are friendly and helpful people who really enjoy building!

It is assumed that kits built for you will be for your own personal use, not for resale, unless specifically agreed to between builder and buyer.

Note to buyers: Elecraft can't officially vouch for the skills or guarantee the work of those listed below, but most are experienced builders. Your agreement for building your kit is with the builder and not with Elecraft. Please contact them for more information and references.

Note to builders: We suggest that you charge a reasonable fee for kit construction--this will acknowledge your effort and affirm the buyer's sincerity. Of course you can build for little or no fee if you wish, but give this gift of your time wisely. (Elecraft cannot provide assurances that a particular buyer is likely to be acting in good faith.) 

If you would like to be added to or removed from this list, if you find that an email is incorrect for any of those listed below, please email us.  (Please note that we have changed our builder's email address due to SPAM overload.)


Australia: Adrian Hatherley VK3LK
Austria: Hermann Eckel OE2HEM
Will build for disabled & older hams
Brazil: Hilton Uchoa  PY1BVG
Canada: Dave Raycroft VA3RJ Toronto, ON

Retired electronic technician. Has all the tools necessary to do a professional job. Have been a ham for 38 years, built many Heathkits and homebrew shack accessories. Ran my own business of design and manufacture of professional video products. Will build for a modest fee.

Will also build for the elderly and disabled at reduced charge or free.

  Michael Beaveridge VE7YXX, VE7AQS 

See also: 

  Cheryl Johnson VE5CJ
  Wm Vanderboer VE7CJV  

Vancouver, BC

China: Xu BD2RH
Will build for free.
Dominican Republic: Ez Prado HI3EPR
I had a lot of fun building the kits and supporting my fellas about firmware upgrading and setup of their transceivers. Will build for disabled and older hams for free and others build for a reasonable fee.
Germany: Walter Barteczek  DK8KV

Many K2s and K1s built.

  Marcus Busch DL1EKC
Greece: Kostas Vassiliadis  SV1IT   (new email address)
Experienced Builder. Retired electronic engineer and a ham for over 40 years. Will build for a nominal fee (Greece and Europe). 
Hong Kong: Johnny Siu 
VR2XMC Hong Kong

Will build for a reasonable fee.

Netherlands: David Reid PA3HBB / G0BZF

Will build for free.

Puerto Rico: Rene A. Cuevas KP4BDD
Spain: Jabi Aguirre EA2ARU
  Jose Gavila EB5AGV,  EC5AAU 

Notes: will build for reasonable fee.

  Vicenç Llario EA3ADV 

Will build for disabled or old hams for free. Will build for others for a small fee.


Reto Meyer

Reto Ziswiler


HB9JBL  and 

We build as a team. Both have experience building K2s and other Elecraft options.

  Tom Hoedjes HB9DOD
  Dominic Baines M1KTA
QRP homebrew builder willing to help those unable to build part or all of an Elecraft kit. Maybe able to finish a part build. For disabled or retired amateurs no charge for building, others will charge a small fee (you buy the kit and pay for the shipping).
Mike Waterfall G8NXD
Venezuela: Alex Rosenberg
Caracas. 25+ years experience in radiocom, build many Heathkits, projects from magazines, and my own designs. Excellent solder skills, very experienced builder, well equipped bench.

United States:

Alan Price W1HYV Will build for disabled & older hams  for free. Has built 150+ K2s, plus K1s, KX1s etc. 
Alan Wilcox  W3DVX 

Williamsport, PA.  W3DVX since 1955; Amateur Extra since 1957. Built dozens of Heathkits and many K2s. Electrical Engineer (computer h/w & s/w) In addition to building kits, will finish kits for you if you need help.  Reasonable rates.
Eddy Boyd  M5PYE (ex-G8CRN)  I'm a competent bulder of any of these kits and offer my services to those who are not confident at soldering or placement of SMD Components. I will charge by the hour but it will be dependant on the customers circumstances. I am retired and have personally built many OEM Kits since the 1960's.
Greg Bateman  W9GJB  Will build for small fee. Ham since 1963 built numerous kits Eico, Heathkit and KX1 and K1.  NE Indiana
Michael Trager N2ZDB 
Electrical Engineer with over 15 years experience. Will build any kit for a reasonable fee.
Doug Shields W4DAS Special consideration for visually handicapped hams.

QTH: Stuart, Florida

Paul Evans W4/VP9KF  See also: 

Amateur of 32 years and has built many Heathkits. Professionally has been a Microwave design engineer.

Jerry McCarthy WA2DKG Has built more than 30 Elecraft units...Certified solderer with 30 years experience in aerospace industry...Will build for free.
Stephen D. Cohen NF4X In FL. K2 Field Tester. Will also do K2 calibrations for a small fee. (Ex. N3OIE)
Don Wilhelm  W3FPR Will build for disabled & older hams for FREE
Will build for others for small fee. North Carolina
Fred Maas KT5X  
Geoff Burns N1GQV Experienced builder. Ham since 1976. Will build for disabled & older hams for FREE or a small fee. Florida.
Ron Milione  KB2UAN  or  

Will build for disabled & older hams for FREE
Will build for others for small fee. NY
Tim Nudd KF4YOO   or 

Will build for disabled & older hams for FREE
Will build for others for small fee.
Matt Gilbert K8KDR Will build for disabled & older hams for FREE
Will build for others for small fee. Columbus, OH
Brian Cieslak  K9WIS (was AE9K) Will build for disabled & older hams for FREE
Ken Evans W4DU Will build for disabled & older hams
Barry Anderson K3SUI Will build for disabled & older hams for FREE. Frederick, Md.
James Roberts KA9TII Fees' vary from free to disabled and elderly and up
Andy Meng  N8MX Has also modified his K2 for bicycle mobile.. OH
Barry Bridges N4UYK Will finish kits for small fee
Phil Barnes-Roberts AD6PQ Reasonable charges.; Southern CA
Chuck Bruckelmeyer W8LCT  
Michael Wyman W1DRY AZ; K2 Field Tester
Jerry McCollom WØMC  
Skip Davis NC9O  
Michael S. Fisher WT9W  
Steve Bornstein K8IDN  
Philip Carter WD8QWR  
Al Dawkins KØFRP  
Ron A. Hensel K9ZE  
Paul Webb K5HKX Licensed amateur for 50 years. Novice at age 13 with call KN5HKX. Will build K2s and K1s for a very reasonable fee. Will build for free for disabled unable to build for themselves. Clute, TX
Mark Lacy W5TXR Have all of the necessary tools and test equipment (including a calibrated IFR-1500S) to do a professional job. Have been a ham for almost 25 years, built many Heathkits and Elecrafts. Will build for a modest fee. Go to and read the QST July 2011 Page 32
Bruce J. Howes W1UJR Website: Extensive electronics restoration and repair background. Fully equipped service lab and bench. Will build for older or disabled hams for free, others for a small fee.