The Elecraft Century Club and Elecraft Worked All States Achievement Awards

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The certificates are serialized and printed in color on 8.5 x 11 inch white paper, suitable for framing.

Here are the requirements to earn these awards:

Starting Date: Whenever you get your Elecraft rig or transverter (retroactive).

Honor System: No QSLs are required.

Application Forms: PDF forms and Excel Spread Sheets are available for your convenience. You can download these or make your own.

All submissions are to be received only by post (not email) and to go to the Awards Manager:

Larry Makoski  W2LJ
327 Clinton Place
South Plainfield, NJ 07080

Fee: There is a $2 fee, cash or check payable to 'Larry Makowski', to cover expenses for each award. DX applicants should provide 2 IRCs. 

Questions: Please do not contact Elecraft with any awards correspondence. Address questions to the Awards Manager ( ).

Please provide a Return Address (label, if convenient) and include a email address if available. The certificate(s) will be returned in a large document size envelope.

NOTE: Contacts on one award may also be used for the other awards.

Elecraft Worked All States
Work all 50 United States of America using your Elecraft transceiver or transverter.

The other station does not need to be using an Elecraft rig.

Submit a log of States and Calls. Please sort the list by state in alphabetical order.

e.g. (k6iii uses his K2 to work kg4big who is in Kentucky)
log: k6iii/k2 kg4bih on the Kentucky entry line.

(later, k6iii uses his K1 and works k7fd who is on a k2)
log: k6iii/k1 k7fd on the Oregon entry line.

Elecraft Century Club
Work 100 other Elecraft equipped stations with your Elecraft transceiver or transverter.

Submit a log showing each station's Elecraft transceiver model, Serial Number and Operator's Call.

Good luck and see you on the air.

READY..... GET SET..... GO! My mail box is OPEN for your submissions.

de Larry, W2LJ 

K2 s/n 4090, K1 s/n 1647