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Buddipole and Buddistick Antenna Packages
The W3FF Buddipole and Buddistick antenna systems are now available from Elecraft. We're extremely impressed with the quality and performance of these products and have been using them ourselves for a number of months. The Buddipole™  Deluxe (dipole) and Buddistick Deluxe (vertical) packages are complete antenna systems packed in a padded custom travel bag - Ready to go with you and be assembled at a moments notice. The quality of the design and components can't be beat. We're sure you will be pleased with these antennas.

Buddipole™ Deluxe Package

The Buddipole Deluxe Package includes everything you need for setting up an efficient portable antenna solution anywhere in the world in just a few minutes. The package includes the following custom components which all fit into the padded cordura nylon custom-carrying bag:

  • TA padded bag for the Buddipole and accessories.
  • The Buddipole Antenna (9 bands, 2 - 40 meters)
  • Tripod - extendable legs and locking base
  • Portable Mast – extends to 8’ in height
  • Rotating Arm Kit – change configurations
  • Antenna System Bag – padded cordura nylon w/shoulder strap
  • Extra Stainless Steel Telescopic Whip
  • 3 extra Coil Clips (6 total)
  • Antenna Operating Manual
  • 25 ft. of coax.
Buddipole Portable Dipole Antenna System
Antenna System Carrying Bag
This complete system is perfect for all types of situations including field day, DXpeditions, emergency services, etc..  Put it in your suitcase when you go on vacation, keep it in your RV or car, or have it ready for anytime you're ready to have a versatile and efficient portable antenna system up and running in minutes.  The quality, performance, and versatility of this system is unmatched anywhere at any price. 

All items available separately for $421.  Now available at a special price of just $399! 

Rotating Arm Kit - Included with Buddipole Deluxe Package

This arm allows the user to change configurations of the Buddipole very quickly.  It's a kit for experimenters...for those of you who want to see, for example, if an L-shape or sloper is better than a classic dipole for DX'ing. If you own an antenna analyzer, this kit is for you!

The Rotating Arm Kit includes 2 "soft touch" rubberized clamping knobs, 2 machined 6061 aluminum rotating arms, and instructions for adjustment. 

Buddipole Specifications

Specification Description

Length collapsed

22 inches (56cm)

Length extended

16 feet (4.9m)

Power Rating QRP to 250 Watts


Less than 2 lbs (<1 KG)

Coil Diameter

1.75 inches (4.5cm)

Frequency Coverage

7 to 54MHz continuous, plus 144 to 148MHz

Buddistick™ Vertical Deluxe Package

Designed as a multi-band, portable antenna for 40m - 10m, the Buddistick™ is an excellent performer with any rig up to 250 watts.  It works exceptionally well with the Elecraft K1, K2, KX1 and other QRP rigs.

The Buddistick™ Deluxe Package includes:

  • A padded travel bag for the antenna and accessories

  • A mounting plate and SO-239 adapter for coax feed

  • Deluxe Vertical Antenna Universal Clamp

  • An extra collapsible stainless steel whip for use as an adjustable counterpoise

  • Three coil tap clips

  • One 31' Teflon coated radial for use as a counterpoise.  

Buddistick™ Vertical Package (Basic)

Included with the basic Buddistick™is:

  • A padded travel bag for the antenna

  • a mounting plate and SO-239 adapter for a coax feed. A "soft touch" rubberized clamping knob is used to secure the plate to an optional clamp or tripod (1/4" x 20 threads)

  • one 31' radial for use as a counterpoise 

  • two coil tap clips

Add the optional tripod or universal clamp to mount the antenna or use a standard c-clamp to mount the Buddistick's included mounting plate to a table etc. 


Buddistick™ Specifications

Specification Description

Length collapsed

13 inches (33 cm)

Length extended

84 inches (213 cm)


1 lbs (.45 kg)

Coil Diameter

1.75 inches (4.5cm)

Frequency Coverage

7 to 54MHz continuous


Deluxe Universal Clamp

This is simply the best clamp we have found for mounting the Buddistick onto a picnic bench, apartment railing, or hotel window sill. 

The clamp is designed to allow the antenna to quickly adjust to any angle with a quick turn of the knob.   This is particularly useful when working from a hotel or apartment window where vertical space is limited. 

Will accommodate any mounting surface up to 1.5" thick. Weight is 2 oz. Neoprene pads protect the clamping surface

Extra Coil Clips (3)

These are extra coil clips that are used as replacements or just to make it easier to change bands without having to move the clips. We have them manufactured to precise dimensions by a company that makes heart catheters and other micro-size parts. Manufactured from Swiss stainless steel. Sold as a set of 3 clips.


  • $20 off on the combination of a Deluxe Buddipole Pkg. and a K1, K2 or KX1 radio when purchased at the same time.

  • $10 off on the combination of a Buddistick Vertical or Buddistick Deluxe Pkg. and a K1, K2 or KX1 radio when purchased at the same time.