XG3 RF Signal Source

Photo Credit: Bill Hammond, AK5X

The XG3 is a powerful programmable signal source that fits in the palm of your hand.

Wide-Range Synthesized RF Source

The XG3 is a programmable, 160-2 m RF signal source with four calibrated output levels. It’s ideal for receiver calibration, sensitivity tests, signal tracing, and as a VFO for home-brew projects. It’s also useful outdoors—for antenna evaluation, field strength measurements, micro-power cw beacons for T-hunts, etc.

Power for the XG3 can be provided by its internal 9-V battery or by an external power supply. Auto power-off is provided to conserve battery life.

Remote Control and Programmable Sweeps

The XG3’s serial port allows you to use a computer to set up its frequency and output level, assign frequencies to band switches, and set up sweep step size and rate. You can use the supplied PC software, or write your own XG3 applications.

The XG3’s RS232 drive circuitry is intended for short cable lengths (6’ supplied). You can also use the Elecraft KUSB or other USB-to-RS232 adapters, greatly extending the usable cable length.


ARRL XG3 Review Video