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Dennis, N6KI, created a "Kool" QSL card with a photo of his first QSO on his KX3 with Dennis, W5FRS!

2010  WPX SSB at the W7RN contest station using four of our K3s


Elecraft Picture Gallery (click each to enlarge)

Francisco HK3W, with his Ultimate DX World Map and his Ultimate DX Set-up.

Jeff, WA8SAJ, says "I enjoy my K-Line".

Rich, KY6R, says "The K-Line just blows me away"!

George, W1LSB, has a nice QRP and QRO set-up.

Fred, HB9DAX, and his wonderful K2, K3 and KX3 station.

Rob, HB9LCF, says with his KX3 "less is more".

Hauke, DJ7EC, says he "Loves his K3"!

Here is Don, VE7DS, enjoying his K3 on CW of course!

Bob, W2TAC, has his KX3 ready at a moments notice.

Werner, OE9FWV, and his K2-Line.


Mark, N2OT, shares his SO2R setup with two K3's & a KX3!

Here is Juan, TG9AJR, with his K3 & P3 set up in Guatemala.

Peter, PA0PJE, using the K2 receiver for Sputnik Day 2011


Dave, K4SV, set up this remote at the W4DXCC DX Convention featuring our K3/0.

Here is K4SV's K3 and KPA500 remotable set-up.

Jim, W0EB, chasing PT0S with his K-Line, KAT500 & our P3/SVGA setup.


Scouts look on as F6BYJ, President of the French Amateur Radio Association, demonstrates the KX3 and its uses in amateur radio.

This is the French Radio Scouting Team in support of Jamboree on the Air. F8WBE & YL, F3ETM, F5GSJ, F5RSU, F3NED,F4GOT, F6GPX, PA3BAR, and a special thanks to F4ILX for the great pictures (He has his KX3 in the picture, too!)

Here is Dov, 4Z4DX's great new ham shack!

Mike, K0XYZ's K Line with the SVGA P3 option. Very cool!


Hans, DF5SR, and his "complete" K-Tower!!!

Bill, W0BBI's shack with his "K9 Dog" Jack at the operating position.

William, WD0BC, getting ready for another CW QSO!

Werner, WB6RAW, sent us the ultimate station. The "best" of both worlds.

Here is Jan, K1ND's, K2 (serial 136) enjoyed regularly since 1999


Hal, LA4XX, with his K1 set up at his summer QTH.

Don, K4YND, has a great photo featuring his shack and our K1 and K2

Jan, ON3JMD, shows us his FB setup!

Elecraft "well" represented at the Gallatin HRC Hamfest

(L-R) Ken K0PP, Fred  KE7X, Todd WA7U & Rose N7HKW

Brian, N6IZS with his KX1 on one of the California Mount Shasta peaks in Summits On The Air 2011

Congrats Brian!


"Never too young" N2WG's grandson, Nevin, KJ4WLP/AG, then and now.

Check this great QSL out! Thanks to Rolf, DL1EA

Rene, HC2S, sends us a wonderful photo of his set up in Ecuador

This is Jim, K4AXF, with his dual K2's in operation.

Eric, Pippo IZ2NYY,and Carlo IK4ISQ at the Contest University in Montichiari, Italy

Fred, KE7X with his SO2R setup at K0PP's QTH

Pat W8FV/5H9PD and granddaughter Kelsey in Mwanza, Tanzania - October 2010


Vladimir, UN7ZL's station in Astana, Kazakhstan

Paul, W0RW/P Siesta Beach, Florida with his K1 & 10' whip

Mak, K8LD's K1 & K2 station set up

Juergen, DJ3CQ's station at his QTH

2010 ARRL CQ CW Contest at Tom, W8JI's station


2010 Field Day at W4DW site with our K3 in Raleigh, NC in "extreme" operating condx!


Eric in Friedrichshafen with Miguel EA4DEC (right) and Oscar EC4CBZ (left)


OH2UA at CR2X-2


OH2UA at CR2X-1

K5RC S02R Contest setup (West)


K5RC S02R Contest setup (South)


K5RC S02R Contest setup using four k3s


K6KR at K5RC 2010 WPX SSB

K7NV and K6KR at K5RC

K4XU at K5RC


UA3DJG 144_432_1296 K2 conversion inside

UA3DJG 144_432_1296 K2 conversion bottom

UA3DJG 144_432_1296 K2 conversion front

Hamardio 2010

photo by Franz DJ9ZB


M0VAA Holiday on Naxos

F5MPW Philippe


OK2SG Iota Contest Bornholm Island


W1RT Rover by K1RA  QRV K2 station

W1RT Rover by K1RA QRV 

K2 station



A65BI Philippe

Vlado, Z35M's winterized K1 station

ON4WIX at OR4W operating at   500 kHz with the K3


ON4WIX at OR4W 500 kHz K3 station

2008 SEDCO Convention

photo by Lynn, W4NL

2008 QST K3 Radiosport

Cover Story

2008 K5PI NAQP CW Contest

Sakaaki, JE1SPY and Eric at JA ham fair in Tokyo

2004 K1EV NEQP First Place using our K2 (2003)

2004 K1E  NEQP First Place plaque(2003)

2004 K1EV QRP rigs


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