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K2 owners DARC G03.jpg (221896 bytes) cafe_k2_SM7KJH.JPG (284439 bytes)

K2 owners of the German DARC G03 ham club in
Bonn. From left to right: Joachim, DL2KCD; Ulrich, DF4KV;  Martin, DL3KMS; Alexander, DL3ALX; Carsten, DL7KCM; 
and Rolf, DL8BAG.  Each transceiver is tuned to its serial number (see last 4 digits). Click above to enlarge.

SM7KJH has found our 'K2 Cafe'!

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Elecraft Picture Gallery (click each to enlarge)

wb9lpu kx116b.JPG (73608 bytes)

WB9LPU's custom machined homebrew KX1 paddle.

dl1jet.JPG (130519 bytes)

DL1JET with his two guest Ops.

K1EV_NEQP.jpg (63064 bytes)

K1EV used his trusty K2 in the New England QSO party and managed a 1st place win in the QRP category for NE stations

6y5_kn5g_wrkd_zl1mh.jpg (168232 bytes)

6Y5_KN5G right after working Elecrafter ZL1MH !

8r1zum.jpg (184520 bytes)

8R1ZUM's Operation Set Up


8r7zum_k7zum_caribb-buddies.jpg (89379 bytes)

8R1ZUM says these are: my little Caribbean "buddies" that are helping me keep my rhythm on C.W!

dg2kal.jpg (22261 bytes)

DG2KAL with his K2

FielddOE3ZK.jpg (50991 bytes)

OE3ZK operating his KX1 at the OE Field Day.

DG8KADLora.jpg (90277 bytes)

DG8KAD builds his K2 with the help of his friend, Lora.

boulder_hamfest.JPG (169496 bytes)

Len, KD0RC demo'ed his K2 at the Boulder BARC Fest. His daughter Michelle helped out. She had stuffed some of the components on the boards during building, and was very concerned that he might sell the K2...

dl7jf_a.JPG (75840 bytes)

DL7JF operates portable with his KX1

dl7jf_b.JPG (89446 bytes)

'Typical' KX1 construction tools used at DL7JF...

f5vjc_gm3skn.jpg (173915 bytes)

F5VJC (GM3SKN) has too much fun in the sun operating his K2 portable.

K2_10ghz_kf6c.JPG (96830 bytes)

K2 with 10 GHz transverter and dish at KF6C. For details click here. 


K1JD_XV50.JPG (90413 bytes)

K1JD's well appointed shack with dual K2s, XV50 transverter and KRC2 antenna relay controller.

K2 Triple Pack-A.jpg (52199 bytes)

K2 'Triple Pack' from Chuck, KI4DGH 

KPA100 and KAT100 in EC2, K2, Home built K2 Speaker in EC2.

KI4DGH1stQSOonKX1_641.JPG (93581 bytes)

KI4DGH makes his first QSO on his newly built KX1.

kt5x_SO2R0005.jpg (69230 bytes)

KT5X's SO2R controller in EC2 chassis. Wow!


OE3TL's_K2s.JPG (50831 bytes)

OE3TL's Dual K2 setup.

k6iii_kx1.jpg (132718 bytes)

K6III proudly shows off his newly built KX1.

k7tq_randy.JPG (117383 bytes)

Randy, K7TQ, demonstrating how to operate sub zero portable with his KX1.

KA3IXF.jpg (34276 bytes)

KA3IXF with his K2 station.

kurt_hb9afi_sota.jpg (54997 bytes)

HB9AFI on a SOTA (Summits On The Air) expedition with his K2.

See http://www.sota.org.uk/ for details.

n5iz_kx1atboundrysummit._jpg.jpg (126349 bytes)

N6IZ's KX1 at Boundary Peak, NV. (Nevada's highest peak.)

n8xe_K2_keywest.jpg (122504 bytes)

N8XE concentrating hard on working DX on his K2 at Key West, FL.

k2spkr_bill_steffy.JPG (74227 bytes)

Homebrew K2 speaker in EC2 with KAT100 by Bill, NY9H

pa3vbt.JPG (77090 bytes)

PA3VBT's QRO K2 station.

t32qs.jpg (44192 bytes)

T32QS DXpedition RTTY Station. (Doug, N6TQS operating.)

w1tf ant 12ft wire over window frame.JPG (59569 bytes)

W1TF  Stealth K1 station. (Note the ant wire over window frame.)

w1tf.JPG (58170 bytes)

Close up of W1TF stealth K1 station.

w6izt_St. Martin.JPG (155543 bytes)

W6IZT's St. Martin DXpedition operating position. Nice!

wa5kpe_4454.jpg (136175 bytes)

WA5KPA's compact K2 station.

wa7cs_k2.jpg (118569 bytes) 

WA7CS operating with is K2.

(K2 on the right.)

SM5CBC.JPG (111952 bytes)

Einar's (SM5CBC), compact KX1 operating station.

wh7n012.jpg (81545 bytes)

WH7N operating his K1 from atop the mopuntains of Oahu, Hawaii.

vk9cg W0YG operating .jpg (50259 bytes)

VK9CG Cocos-Keeling Island K2 DXpedition, W0YG operating.

VK9XG.jpg (265179 bytes)

VK9XG Christmas Island K2 Dxpedition (W0YG)

dl2de_K2.JPG (112206 bytes)

DL2LE's modified K2 with external keyer and homebrew paddle.

dl2de_k2side.jpg (78229 bytes) 

Side view of DL2LE's K2.


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