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N7BPT says: "My 5 year old daughter JJ loves the KX1. It's just the right size, and though she doesn't have much interest in SW broadcasts and ham band rag chewing, she enjoys listening to the "rocket ships" and "fairy radio stations" (which she is happy to translate into English for me.)"

"I may have to get her a KX1 of her own so I can have mine back! "

Elecraft Picture Gallery (click to enlarge)

6Y2A_a.jpg (97055 bytes)

Team Vertical breaks world records using three K2/100s at 6Y2A in CQ WPX

9v1yc-and-the-run-station.jpg (52770 bytes)

James (9V2YC) using his K2/100 for the WRTC 2002 contest as OJ7S 

n5ko-and-9v1yc-at-the-start.jpg (79963 bytes)

Trey (N5KO) and James (9V1YC) running two K2/100s as OJ7S for WRTC 2002

ecs_wb_riverside.JPG (51726 bytes)

Eric (WA6HHQ) and Wayne (N6KR) show off their wares at the ARRL S/W convention in Riverside, CA. (Photo KF6RES)

WB9LPU_1.jpg (64620 bytes)

Yet another great homebrew paddle from WB9LPU

WB9LPU_2.jpg (75375 bytes)

K1 and Homebrew bug from WB9LPU

ecsDayton2002.JPG (108452 bytes)

Eric (WA6HHQ) handles the crowd at Dayton 2002. (Picture - KI0BW)

DL9GRE_K2_TRANS1.JPG (42020 bytes)

DL9GRE's K2 and DEM Transverter with sequencer in an EC2

DL9GRE_K2_TRANS2.JPG (64978 bytes)

Internal view of DL9GRE's transverter / EC2 installation.

N6CMtrans1.jpg (87619 bytes)

Bob's (N6CM) 10 GHz transverter for the K2 in an EC2 chassis.

dl9rdm_k2x2.jpg (125125 bytes)

DL9RDM's compact 2 x K2 set up.

gm3skn.jpg (48552 bytes)

GM3SKN with his K2.

IZ1DFI_qsl.jpg (110202 bytes) f5pbl_jarl21.jpg (80248 bytes)

Claude, F5PBL, gets his JARL 21 award with all contacts the first 21 on his K1!


k5jhp_k1incase.jpg (75229 bytes)

K5JHP's K1 in a (BC-221?) case.

ka8ede_xtalradio.JPG (80611 bytes)

Bruce's (KA8EDE) crystal receiver! It can separate stations every 10 KHz. The coils are 15" diameter and 15" long.

KJ5VW.JPG (74802 bytes)

KJ5VW's K2 and log showing his 1st K2 contact.

kt5x_fd2001.jpg (75765 bytes)

Fred, KT5X, running his K2 at Field Day.

n2xe_whiteface1.jpg (457499 bytes)

N2XE running his K1 on Little Whiteface Mountain at 3678 ft.

lgt_dl8mtg.jpg (33514 bytes)

Klaus, DL8MTG, running his K2 at International Lighthouse Weekend August 2001.

lgt_dl3ocg.jpg (35628 bytes)

DL3OCG and K2 at International Lighthouse Weekend.

n2ei_surfcity_k1.jpg (74692 bytes)

Skip's (N2EI) K1 vacation set up at Surf City, NJ (Long beach Island IOTA NA-111)

Leo_PE1OBG.jpg (37336 bytes)

Leo, PE1OBG, in his K1/K2 shack.

DJ7MGQ_2.jpg (91754 bytes)

Hans, DK3YD, uses a unique CW key on Toby's (DJ7MGQ) K2. The PTT Button is a Dictafon foot switch, which is being used as CW key

oe3zk_at_elecraft.jpg (51648 bytes)

Gerhard, OE3ZK, visits the crew at Elecraft. (l-r: OE3ZK, Scott, Lisa, Val, Paul, Eric (kneeling)

Tony_N1DXR.JPG (55302 bytes)

Tony, N1DXR, operating portable with his K2.

VE3RPF_K1and PS.jpg (48652 bytes)

VE3RPF's custom K1 power supply.

W3ZMN_bdog.jpg (29221 bytes)

W3ZMN's K2 with custom mounted Bulldog paddle.

w7dzn_k1.jpg (59249 bytes)

Lou's (W7DZN) K1 air mobile setup.

w7dzn_ant.jpg (56815 bytes)

W7DZN's air mobile antenna for HF.

w4op_rx_ec2.jpg (80782 bytes)

Dale's (W4OP) homebrew RX in an EC2.

WA6FWF_EC2_front.jpg (70826 bytes)

WA6FWF's custom speaker / power supply in an EC2

WA6FWF_EC2_inside.jpg (96481 bytes)

Internal picture of WA6FWF's speaker / power supply.

wb9jox.jpg (79552 bytes)

Ted's (WB9JOX) K2 set up.

dk1kq_mm.jpg (34542 bytes)

DK1KQ running K1 /mm

Bob_WE1U.jpg (63599 bytes)

Bob, WE1U, operating K2 portable.

wj4p_rugged_fr.jpg (61013 bytes)

Randy's (WJ4P) custom K2 case.

wj4p_rugged_caps.jpg (60721 bytes)

WJ4P's K2 with custom end caps.

ad4j_k2.jpg (34841 bytes)
KC4_sign.jpg (60984 bytes)

Jim (WA2EUJ/KC4)  McMurdo Station, Antarctica


KC4_op_pos.jpg (61361 bytes) 

Subject: KC4USV Operating Schedule 8/25/01
Date: Fri, 24 Aug 2001 16:13:07 -0400
From: "Veatch, James C. (JCV)" <JCV@arinc.com>

Hello Everyone,

Excellent night last night I worked 63 stations in 2 hours. The K2 does a great job, looking forward to the KPA-500. I hope that I'm getting more experience working that side of a pile-up.

I'll work some CW this evening between 0500z and 0600z. Listen at 14040 kHz.

Propagation has been good, Hope to hear you tonight.


PIC00020.JPG (30828 bytes) PIC00028.JPG (72862 bytes)

Andy Meng,  N8MX (ex - KC8KFI), and his bike mobile K2 at Dayton 2000

PIC00025.JPG (72181 bytes)


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