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  w7dzn_w0of_k2.jpg (115279 bytes)

'Dog Days' at W7DZN's shack (Lou, who is the guest op?)

g4xrv_k2_mobile.jpg (320519 bytes)

G4XRV/LX on the road in Luxembourg

F6GKQ_DenisK1.jpg (45360 bytes)

Denis (F6GKQ, Editor of Megahertz Magazine) tries out his K1

np2b-k2-qso.jpg (54498 bytes)

John, NP2B, uses his K2 for a simulated hurricane emergency test at his QTH in the U.S. Virgin Islands.


g3jag_k2_rogues_gallery.jpg (144679 bytes)

John's (G3JAG) Rogue's Gallery of K2 QSLs

wb9lpu_key_k1.jpg (92501 bytes)

Richard's (WB9LPU) custom built paddle for his K1

vk1bl.jpg (81512 bytes)

Ted, VK1BL with his K2

np2b_rack_k2.jpg (282955 bytes)

NP2B's Rack Mounted K2 and K1

wa4pqd_console-front.jpg (30161 bytes)

Dave's (WA4PQD/6) custom EC2 console

wa4pqd_console-rear.jpg (23407 bytes)

WA4PQD's Console - Rear Shot

oh0cw.jpg (18432 bytes)

Heikki, OH0CW

hamradio1.jpg (66707 bytes)

Werner (DL4TJ), Michael (DF4WX) and Judith (DF4WX's XYL) at the Morsetastenladen booth at the Friedrichshafen Hamfest 2001.

is0_ve7ard.jpg (59591 bytes)

Alberto, VE7ARD/IS0, works DX with his K2 from Sardina

n0rc_vw_foxhound_front.jpg (52427 bytes)

Rod's (N0RC) Fox Hunting Bug.

For more details, follow this link.

k0wa_heavy_lifting.jpg (110093 bytes)

Lee, K0WA, does some heavy K2 lifting...

kt5x_7000ft.jpg (79398 bytes)

Fred, KT5X (W5YA/p), Operates at 7,000 feet in Utah.

w6jd_mojo_exposed.jpg (50720 bytes)

Doug's (W6JD) 'Mojo Exposed' K2 Setup. (Is that AMP connected to your K2?)

w3zvt_bulldog_key_k1.jpg (48368 bytes)

Tim's (W3ZVT) Bulldog paddle and K1 set up.

k3sro2.GIF (24307 bytes)

Bob's (K3SRO) clean K2 setup.

ea3dlv_k2.jpg (237472 bytes)

Ferran's (EA3DLV) K2 set up

huntsville_k0iet.JPG (104106 bytes)

Eric (WA6HHQ) shows off Elecraft wares at the Huntsville, AL , Hamfest. (Picture courtesy K0IET.)

n3ao_Gang.jpg (42074 bytes)

Eastern PA QRP Club's K2 table at the Valley Forge Hamfest. (Ed, N2AQJ; Ron, WB3AAL and Carter, N3AO)

ab6gy.jpg (67012 bytes)

AB6GY and 'Fruit Picker Vertical' with his granddaughter (guest op) Abby near mammoth Lakes in the Eastern Sierra.

WA7SPY and his son Rowan build a Regen RX.

K2_JOTA.jpg (393352 bytes)

Peter, KA1AXY, took his K2 and worked Jamboree on the Air at Nobscot Scout Reservation in Framingham, MA. This little guy was speaking with a gentleman
in Virginia who was very surprised to hear that they were only running 6 watts.


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