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Martti OH2BH as 9H9BH, DXpedition to Malta


Martti's DXpedition Details

Pedro, HK1X, on Malpelo during the HK0NA DXpedition.


Elecraft DXpedition Gallery (click each to enlarge)

Donald, VE7DS, at ZL9HR Campbell Island

DJ9SB, N6PSE, JA1TRC in our new Elecraft shirts at E30FB Eritrea DXpedition


David-WD5COV doing CW on K3 and KPA-500 as E30FB at Eritrea DXpedition

Here the Team Leader, Wlodek, SP6EQZ, at 5T0SP

Patrick, VK2PN/4 on Lady Musgrave Island OC-142 Queensland 2012

DJ9ZB operating CU4ARG on Grasciosa Island Azores



Here is VE7DS as A25DS (left) and VE7KW as A25KW on their Botswana DXpedition with a pair of K3's.

Luca, I5IHE, as S79LC on Praslin Island, Seychelles with his KX3..

Here is Rob, M0VFC, as ZD9UW on Tristan de Cunha Island.

Paul, N6PSE, at 7O6T Yemen DXpedition

Steven, K2WF, operating in Barbados as 8P9AP. His next operation will be there in January 2013.

Dan, I5OYY, operating as S79YY Seychelles Island AF-024.

PJ6D/SABA Island 6 Meter DXpedition using our "K-Line"


5R8X DXpedition to Madagascar

Paul, N6PSE, at ST0R Southern Sudan. A new one for many lucky DXer's!

2010 5V7TT DXpedition to Togo

2011 TU2T DXpedition to Ivory Coast

2011 5M2TT DXpedition to Liberia

"Peri" HB9IQB with the K2 during his DXpedition to Bethlehem, Palestine December 2011

"Buddies in the Caribbean" Dominica (J7) DXpedition  February 2011

Wlodek, PJ5/SP6EQZ, provided many first time contacts during his DXpedition to St. Eustatius October 2011

VP8ORK South Orkney Islands


January 27th - February 8th




2010 WRTC Moscow operators N6MJ (left) and KL9A (center) Over half the radios used were K3s (that's 48 radios!) They came in third overall, and #1 in QSOs worked world wide!!!

VP6DX Ducie Island DXpedition

3D2MJ Fuji DXpedition with Jacek SP5EAQ


3D2KJ's got the odds of working DX stacked in his favor!

3D2KJ Fuji DXpedition with

Jacek SP5DRN

OK2SG Iota Contest Bornholm Island


6V7Z DXpedition to Senegal. Juergen DL4MAQ ,Sven DF9MV and Mattias DL5MFL. DL3MAQ

ZK2A/VK9NN Niue & Norfolk Islands DXpedition with two K3's

TX3A Chesterfield Island with George AA7JV working 160 meter contacts


TX3A Chesterfield Island station with our K3


9X0TL Rwanda DXpedition station by Tom DL2RUM

VP2MUM's Montserrat station. Operator Tom DL2RUM

One of three stations on Montserrat at VP2M. This is VP2MXO's set up. Operator Rudi DM2XO

Harald, LA9SN's set up at ZK2A, and VK9NN. There were a total of three K3's at these operations!

Stewart, GW0ETF during a holiday DXpedition at C56

Clint, VP2V/KI6SSN running Maritime Mobile

Gerry, M0VAA operating as 3DA0VA in Swaziland.

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