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2010 WRTC Moscow operators N6MJ (left) and KL9A (center) Over half the radios used were K3s (that's 48 radios!) They came in third overall, and #1 in QSOs worked world wide!!!

Robert, KC5WA, with his third consecutive QRP SSB All Band 1st Place honors in the CQ WW DX Contest using our K3!

Bob, W9KNI, won the 2011 CQ DX Marathon 30 meter competition with his K3/P3 set up!


Elecraft Contest Stations (click each to enlarge)

James, KB2FCV, using our K1 in the Flight of the Bumblebees 2012 QRP Contest




Photo Here




Photo Here

Tom, K5RC, at the W7RN Contest Station. Three K3's & two P3's!

2012 CQWW at K9CT

Andy, UA3DPX, at RM3F's operating position.


Uwe, DL4AAE, operating "field day" style in the 2011 CQ WW CW contest

Robert, KC5WA, with another 1st place honor using our K3!

Freddy, J28RO, in the 2011 CQ WW DX Contest from one of the rare ones, Djibouti.


OZ5E with a new Danish 2011 CQ WW Multi-multi record, using two K3's and a K2!


Nick, VE3EY, operating at St. Barts Island using TO3A during 2011 CQ WW CW contest.


Paul, VE3TA, operating at St. Barts Island using TO3A during 2011 CQ WW CW contest. Both Nick and Paul using our K3's.

"The Locust", K6VVA, and his KL7 IOTA NA-41 station, QTH #1, Sept. 2011. He commented, "the KPA500 worked flawlessly"!


Giuseppe, IK9ESW, in the 2011 CQWW CW contest with our K3

Jim. W9VNE, operating his contest station, VQ5FOC, n the FOC Marathon.



Flying High with QRP Contest Team 1 Pilot, Jim, K4ZM. Co-Pilot, Terry, K4KJP, and Navigator Tom, K4TJD

Flying High with QRP Contest Team 2 "Winners" Pilot, Greg, N4KGL, C0-Pilot, JP, WF4Z, and Navigator, Mike, K4GU

2010 Field Day, Midland, Texas Amateur Radio Club, which won W. Texas 3A class. N5RGH (front) and Bob, K9ING with two K3's

2010 WRTC Moscow KL9A (right) and N6MJ (center) showing their operating skills with our K3s


2010 ARRL CQ CW Contest at Tom, W8JI's station


2010 Field Day at W4DW site with our K3 in Raleigh, NC in "extreme" operating condx!


2008 K5PI NAQP CW Contest





W7RN S02R Contest setup (West)


W7RN S02R Contest setup (South)


W7RN S02R Contest setup using four k3s


K6KR at W7RN 2010 WPX SSB

K7NV and K6KR at W7RN

K4XU at W7RN



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