Low Noise, High Dynamic Range, 6-meter Preamp


The PR6 is a high-performance, low-noise 6-meter preamp that can be used with the Elecraft K3 and most other 6- meter capable transceivers. 

It's especially well-suited to the K3, which has exceptional dynamic range, yet can benefit from additional gain for 6-meter very weak signal work. Adding the PR6 typically improves 6-meter MDS from about -136 to -143 dBm. The noise figure of the preamp itself is typically 0.5 dB.

The PR6 can be connected directly to the RX ANT IN/OUT jacks on the K3's KXV3 module, where it can be switched in automatically by the transceiver when operating on 6 meters. A second pair of jacks is provided on the opposite side of the PR6 to allow use of the K3's normal RX ANT IN/OUT signal path when the preamp is not in use.

(When the CTRL line is not used, the PR6 defaults to PREAMP ON and IN-Line modes of operation for use with any 6 meter radio.)

Power for the PR6 can be obtained from any 11 to 14 VDC supply. When used with a K3, the PR6 can be powered from the 12 VDC accessory output. It can be strapped permanently ON, or it can be turned on/off externally from an open-source/open-drain logic signal. In the K3 case, the DIGOUT1 control line can be used (on the 15-pin ACC jack), since it is stored on a per-band basis.

The PR6 is housed in a rugged, custom-machined enclosure.



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