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KX3 Beta Firmware Revision

MCU 2.25 / DSP 1.30, 9-24-2014

Please read KX3 Beta Firmware Instructions for installing beta firmware.
Only the current production firmware releases can be downloaded by KX3 Utility automatically.

  • PX3 NOW DISPLAYS VFO B PASSBAND CORRECTLY: The PX3 was showing the wrong VFO B filter bandwidth or passband location when using DATA modes or DUAL RX (dual watch).
  • DUAL RX DOES NOT FORCE OFS/B KNOB TO BE USED AS VFO B: The operator’s OFS/B knob assignment is no longer lost when DUAL RX is in effect.
  • FAST-PLAY DISPLAY ERROR FIXED: With fast-play enabled (1-touch message play using BAND+/- and FREQ ENT.), a band change originating from a PC application no longer flashes “END” on VFO B.
  • CW SPEED DISPLAY TIME INCREASED WHEN TEXT DECODE IS ON: In CW mode, speed is now displayed for 1.0 sec. In FSK-D and PSK-D modes, it's .5 sec. The time is shorter for DATA modes because character transmission rates are usually faster, and the operator might miss important text due to the speed display.
  • PA BYPASS METERING FIXED: If the KXPA100 goes to bypass because of an error condition, the KX3 drops to 5 W. The RF meter is now correctly set to low range.
  • TEXT DECODE LOCKOUT FIX: Adjustment of NR, NB, NTCH, etc. no longer causes loss of CW/DATA text decode on the VFO B display.
  • HOST COMMANDS “UP”, “DN”, and “DT”: These are now working with the PX3.
  • SUPPORT FOR PX3 TEXT DISPLAY: To enable text decode on the PX3, hold LABELS switch to switch to text-decode mode (requires PX3 rev. 1.12 or later). Text decode must also be enabled at the KX3.


KX3 Production Firmware Revision

MCU 2.23 / DSP 1.30, 9-24-2014

See KX3 Firmware Release Notes for a complete revision history.
This release can be automatically downloaded by KX3 Utility.

  • DUAL RX NOW ALLOWED WITH RX SHFT=8.0 KHZ: This release enables the use of DUAL RX (dual watch) even with RX SHFT set to 8.0 in the menu. RX SHFT=8.0 can help optimize the KX3's performance in the presense of large signals or power supply noise. It may also help in CW mode with dual watch enabled and a small separation between VFO A and B. NOTE: On any band where dual watch is turned on with RX SHFT set to 8.0, the usual ± 15 kHz VFO A-to-B separation becomes -7/+23 kHz. But the KX3 will, in all cases, automatically turn off dual watch if the VFO separation exceeds the limits.
  • NOTE TO PX3 USERS: Please use PX3 rev. 1.10 or later firmware with KX3 rev. 2.23. This corrects a PX3 display-freeze issue when a KXPA100 is also present.
  • CW-IN-SSB KEYING FIXED: When using an external keying device, the KX3 was returning to SSB mode too soon, truncating the CW waveform and causing key clicks.
  • UNEXPECTED KX3 RELAY SWITCHING WITH PX3 AND KXPA100 ATTACHED: The KX3 was occasionally misinterpreting a KXPA100 band-number poll as a band-change command. This has been corrected.
  • SPLIT/RIT/XIT SAVE: Now preserving SPLIT/RIT/XIT on band change and in memories. (2-m note: SPLIT can be used to set up odd repeater splits in VFO A and B.)
  • PA MODE TURNS OFF AUTOMATICALLY IF NO KXPA100 FOUND: If you set the PA MODE menu entry to ON, but no KXPA100 is connected, the menu entry will be set back to OFF. This corrects a problem where some users had PA MODE set to ON unintentionally, losing their internal ATU setup (KXAT3).
  • PX3 USED WITH KX3 ON 2 or 4 METERS DISABLES “SLEEP”: If a PX3 is connected and turned on, SLEEP mode (2 and 4-meter FM battery save) is automatically disabled to prevent the spectrum display from shifting down during SLEEP cycles.

Misc. bug fixes:

  • PX3 DISPLAY UPDATED WHEN REV SWITCH USED: REV changes only VFO A on the PX3, just as it only changes VFO A on the KX3 display.
  • MORSE-CODE SWITCH TONES FIXED ON 2 and 4 METERS: USB and LSB (‘U’ and ‘L’) were reversed. Frequency readout had decimal in the wrong location.
  • 60-METER UPPER BAND LIMIT (U.S.) CORRECTED: Now accommodates DATA and CW mode operation on the highest-frequency channel.
  • SCROLLING VFO B INFO MESSAGES FIXED: Informational messages that use “Times Square” scrolling format now work even when a special VFO B display or text decode is in use. (Example: The “USE PHONES” reminder when turning on DUAL RX.)



KX3 Archived Firmware Revisions

Please browse our KX3 Firmware Archive FTP Folder for obtaining archived KX3 firmware revisions.
Only the current production firmware releases can be downloaded by KX3 Utility automatically.


KX3 Utility and Drivers for Windows, Mac and Linux

Elecraft KXUSB Cable for the KX3

Elecraft offers the KXUSB cable for USB only computers etc.  It uses the FTDI chip set.

Before plugging in this cable to any of your computer's USB ports, you may need to install the correct FTDI USB drivers for your computer's operating system.   Drivers are available for most Windows, Mac, and Linux OS's.  Note that most of the latest Windows 7 operating systems already have the proper drivers for the FTDI chip set and will automatically install them if you just plug the KXUSB cable into a USB port.

Connecting the KX3 to a Computer

If your computer has a standard serial port, all you will need is our KXSER cable for the KX3. .

Most modern computers no longer have serial ports but instead use USB (Universal Serial Bus) ports for connecting to external devices. Elecraft provides the KXUSB cable to connect the KX3 to these computers.

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