KXPD1-K2 Bracket for the Elecraft KXPD1 Paddle


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KXPD1 with KXPD1-K2 Mounted on the K2 Tilt Bail

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If you use your K2 while traveling, or have a limited-space operating position, please take a look at our new K2 keyer paddle system:

The new KXPD1-K2 bracket is a very lightweight, very sturdy adapter that allows our model KXPD1 paddle to be used with the K2. The paddle attaches securely to the adapter using two thumbscrews, and two additional thumbscrews clamp the two-piece bracket to the center of the K2's tilt bail. The paddle is physically reversible, so you can orient it for left- or right-handed use. The dot/dash paddles can also be electrically reversed using the K2's "INP" menu entry.

KXPD1-K2 with paddle a.JPG (99474 bytes)

KXPD1 Paddle and KXPD1-K2 Bracket

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The paddle and bracket together weigh only about 2 ounces -- far lighter than typical home-station paddles. But since the bracket is attached directly to the tilt bail, it will remain stable during use. The bracket is custom-machined for Elecraft and uses very high-quality materials.

If you have a KX1, you'll be able to easily share one KXPD1 paddle between the two rigs. The K2 adapter comes with a pre-assembled extension cable that the paddle simply plugs into, so it only takes a few seconds to install or remove the paddle.

We'd like to thank Fran Belliveau (KA4FRH) for designing and refining the bracket. In addition to Fran's and our own testing, Dave Reed (W5SV) and Jean-Francios Menard (VA2VYZ) did extensive field tests, and also helped us finalize the kit instruction manual.

Both the KXPD1 and the KXPD1-K2 are available now.

KXPD1-K2 Mounting Bracket: $65

KXPD1 Paddle: $69

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