KIO2 Aux. I/O Adapter with RS-232 Interface

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Now you can connect your K2 to any personal computer and remotely access every K2 radio function. For logging, contesting, or DXing--even over the internet--the KIO2 is your key to convenience and connectivity. 

With the KIO2 option installed (and perhaps the internal battery and wide-range auto-tuner), the K2 becomes a highly integrated station for field contesting, emergency data communications, or DXpeditions. 

Virtually any home or laptop computer with a serial (RS-232) port can be used with the KIO2. It will also work with most popular software applications, including our own K2 remote control utility,  K2remote (available soon for download from our web page). You can even write your own K2 control programs. Simple commands for front-panel switch and display emulation are provided, in addition to more conventional parameter-based commands.

Many transceivers with serial interfaces provide only logic-level (TTL) signals; connecting them to a computer requires an external RS-232 converter. In contrast, the KIO2 provides true RS-232 signal levels, without compromising receiver performance. It also has very low current drain.

In addition to the serial interface, the KIO2 includes an AuxBus output, +12 V to power small external accessories, and signals for use with external power amplifiers. All signals are RF-filtered. 15' (5 m) of shielded cable and all connectors needed for connection to the computer are provided in the kit.


* The KIO2 sends 2 stop bits, but can receive data with either 1 or 2, so the computer can be configured either way.

Note: The KIO2 circuitry is also included as part of the upcoming KPA100 high power upgrade for the K2. Purchasers of that internal option will not need to purchase the KIO2 separately.

Software: 'K2 Remote' and 'K2 Voice'

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