KDSP2 DSPx Source Code

Elecraft is pleased to make the source files for the DSPx firmware used in the KDSP2 available. We hope that you will be able to study this code and learn something about DSP technology in the process. If you are comfortable with DSP coding and algorithms, we hope you will find ways to improve the code and share it with us. If you develop new DSPx code, please contact dspsource@elecraft.com and we will look at including it on this web page for download. Our hope is that through this open source effort we will be able to continually improve the KDSP2 feature set.

The source code is provided in a ZIP format archive. Click here to download it.

Version 3.17 of the DSP code is functionally identical with the 3.16 code distributed in the KDSP2 product. The 3.17 image was created from this source file set to test the source release. Version 3.18 includes a minor change to the LMS algorithm initialization routine.

This code falls under the GNU General Public License included in the archive. Please read it. Basically, you are encouraged to further develop and learn from this source code. You are required to share what you develop. 

In order to use this code, you must assemble it, link it, split it and merge the resulting hex image into the KDSP2INIT.HEX file included in the archive. 

The source will assemble into an image whose "active" code area is smaller than 8K bytes. The first 8K bytes of the image created from this source will replace the first 8K bytes of the KDSP2INIT.HEX file. You may use a plain ASCII text editor to perform this replacement.

You will need a programmer for the Flash memory chip in the DSPx to then load and run the new code in your KDSP2.

If you are not familiar with how to remove a PLCC style Flash chip, as used in the DSPx, from its socket, click here for a PDF document that shows one method.

The process of performing these operations is beyond the scope of this web page! We can't make you a DSP guru, but we can give you the source code and point you to inexpensive tools so you can explore this fascinating world.

An excellent compilation of software tools for the Analog Devices DSP used in the KDSP2 may be found at Objective Real-Time Software on the ADSP 21xx.

An inexpensive DSP development system was used to create and test this code. Click here for details on the KDSP10 and DSPx combination. With the DSPx and KDSP10, you can simply load the new code into the RAM of the DSPx using the serial port on the KDSP10. This makes changes easy to test.

The coefficient files for all the filters used in the KDSP2 were created using ScopeFIR.

Last Updated July 22nd, 2003.