KDSP2 Advanced DSP Filter for the K2
KdSP2_in_open_K2_1.jpg (64561 bytes)

KDSP2 board set installed inside the K2 (Click to enlarge)

The Elecraft KDSP2 brings versatile, high-performance digital signal processing (DSP) technology to the K2 and K2/100 transceivers. The KDSP2 unit, which is fully integrated with the K2, plugs directly into the Control board. It's also very easy to assemble, with no surface mount components to install. The DSP IC and related parts are pre-installed on a small plug-in module.

The KDSP2 provides up to four user-configurable filters in each mode (CW/SSB/data), complementing the K2's variable-bandwidth crystal filter. CW filter settings include center frequency and bandwidth, with "hard" and "soft" filter algorithms and bandwidths as narrow as 50 Hz. SSB filters provide programmable low and high cutoff frequencies. Four levels of noise reduction are available in CW and SSB modes, while SSB mode includes an automatic notch filter. The KDSP2 is unique in that noise reduction and auto notch parameters can be modified to suit the operator.

Filter modes and features can be quickly accessed via the K2's DISPLAY button, while parameter adjustment is accomplished using the DSP module's own menu system. In addition, the unit's firmware is flash-based and field upgradeable. The DSP code is open-source to encourage community involvement and education.

Like our KAF2 analog audio filter module, the KDSP2 includes a real time clock/calendar with its own backup battery. This feature is especially useful during field operation, eliminating the need for a separate clock for logging or contest use. Current drain of the KDSP2 can be reduced to approximately 10 mA by placing the audio filter subsystem in bypass mode.

The DSP code for the KDSP2 is open source, allowing advanced users to create their own DSP features for the K2.  User supplied alternate DSP code will be posted in a special KDSP2 download page on the Elecraft web page. Click here to go to our DSPx Open Source page.


KDSP2 Pictures (Click to enlarge)

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DSPx Module (pre assembled by Elecraft)

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KDSP2 Board

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KDSP2 board set inside K2