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Beta Firmware Revisions

MCU 1.67, March 12, 2014

Only the current production firmware release can be downloaded by KAT500 Utility automatically.

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  • Experimental change to avoid early search termination by a transient SWR dip. Pause for exciter fold back recovery and average over more coupler samples when tuner setting is "best so far" or reaches "stop tune" threshold. Tuning stutters a bit, but sometimes a better tuning solution is found.

  • Experimental change to Icom AH-4 Start to perform Auto Tune to avoid full search tune on each Icom TUNE button press

  • Perform memory recall tune on transition from mode BYP to MAN or AUTO

  • Speed up some tunes

Current KAT500 Firmware Revisions

MCU 1.63, February 26, 2014

This release can be automatically downloaded by KAT500 Utility.tility.

See KAT500 Firmware Release Notes for a complete revision history.

KAT500 Utility or newer. See downloads below.


FAQ: Consolidated Release of K-Line Firmware
(How to setup VFO Tracking for your KAT500 and K3)

  • Additional filtering of coupler ADC counts

  • Reduce time-to-sleep after each transmission

  • Coarse tuning speed improvements.

  • Perform Rx-time memory recall tunes using K3 VFO frequency info via AUXBUS.Requires K3 firmware revision 04.82 or later, with K3 CONFIG:KAT3 menu option KAT500Y enabled (tap numeric keypad 1 to toggle) and Memory Recall Tune on QSY enabled in KAT500 Edit Configurationurationy Recall Tune on QSY enabled in KAT500 Edit Configurationuration

  • Ignore band line changes and AUXBUS frequency messages while transmitting

  • Improve Tx frequency counter stability

  • Reduce default amplifier key interrupt SWR threshold from 99 to 3:1

  • Add a new unlogged fault when SWR exceeds amplifier key interrupt SWR threshold; reset by transmission with lower SWR

  • Invoke a wider range full search tune if tune is repeated within 5 seconds

  • Keep LEDs on while sleeping

  • New commands (see KAT500 Serial Command Reference):
      * AN0; advance to next enabled antenna
      * CT; Cancel Tune
      * TP; query tuning status



KAT500 Utilities and Drivers for Windows, Mac and Linux

Use this software to load the latest firmware into your KAT500 

KXUSB Drivers:


KAT500 Utility:

After completing a new firmware download to your KAT500, please power cycle it OFF and then back ON before using it.