KAT500 High-Power Auto-Tuner & Smart Antenna Switch

Factory Assembled, or Modular No-Soldering Kit

Learn how the KAT500 Power Combo Plays Well With Others!

The KAT500 is a new high power autotuner that can be used with both the K3/KPA500 and all other HF amplifiers and transceivers. The KAT500 uses the same topology and high performance tuning algorithms as the popular 100W autotuner in the K3.  Typical matching range at 500 W is up to 10:1 on most bands. (slightly less on 160m and 6M). This also equates to a range of 3:1 for higher power levels, up to 1000 W.

The KAT500 has a front panel SWR display and three selectable antenna outputs.
It is the same width and depth as the K3 and the KPA500, and it is just 1.5" high


Frequency               Typical Matching Range and Power Limit
3 — 30 MHz            600W into 5 to 500 Ohms (10:1 SWR)
                                 1000W into 16 to 150 Ohms (3:1 SWR )

1.8 — 2MHz            600W into 10 to 500 Ohms (5:1 Low Impedance, 10:1 High Impedance SWR)
                                 1000W into 16 to 150 Ohms (3:1 SWR )

30 — 60MHz           500W into 5:1 SWR (10 to 250 Ohms)

Matching specified to a 1.0:1 to 1.6:1 resultant SWR. Power rating is ICAS (Intermittent Commercial and Amateur Service).

Autotune Power Range
10W —100W
For better matching accuracy, tune with >20W.

Selectable Antenna Outputs: 3
Weight: 4.6 pounds ( 2.1 kg )


KAT500 Interior View


 Q: Can I use a 5 or 10 watt radio with the KAT500?
 A: The KAT500 can tune with 10 W but we recommend 20 W to 100 W for best tuning accuracy. If the KAT500 has already stored a tuning memory for the current frequency, it is possible to recall the tuned memory setting with less than 10 W. The KAT500 measures transmit frequency to automatically select tuning memories and antennas.

Q: If I have a K3 with a KAT3 100W Auto Tuner, what do I do when using my KAT500?
A: The KAT3 should be set to bypass in the K3's CONFIG menu when using the KAT500 to prevent unnecessary loss in signal strength.

Q: If I am using the AUX cable from the K3 to the KAT500 then to the KPA500, should I also connect the PA Key-Line on the KPA500?
A: No, do not connect the PA KEY cable from the K3 to the KPA500 when the KPAK3AUX cables are routed through the KAT500 to the amp. The KAT500 interrupts the PA key line via the aux cables when automatically tuning.

KAT500 at Visalia


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