K3 Owners...Ready for a K3S?

K3 Migration Service

There are quite a few of the K3 Options that will work with the K3S/100-F. Many operators have taken advantage of the features unique to the K3 and then moving those options into their new K3S/100-F. For some operators, however, the challenges this presents may feel overwhelming and may present technical challenges.

Let Elecraft take the guess work out of moving your investment into the K3S/100-F with its new Migration Service.  Our K3S-F Migration Service is a low-cost way to gain access to the new K3S features while preserving your investment in your Elecraft K3 options. (Purchase of a new K3S/100 is required. K3S Packages do not qualify for the Migration Service)

Added Value! While your K3S/100-F is at the factory, you can also add any new options you would like us to install for the same price.



Protect Your Investment

Elecraft will install your existing options that can be moved into a K3S/100-F.

Ensure your K3S/100-F is fully configured and factory-tested.

All your existing options will be updated and installed to current revisions.

Add more options to the K3S/100-F for the same flat fee.

Take advantage of the flat fee to install options in your K3S/100-F now.

K3 Migration Special Offer

$75 off purchase of K3S Transceiver

Specials include Free shipping for the new K3S only.
The special $75 discount does not apply to K3S Packages

Flat Service Fee: $199.95

Order K3S Migration Service now!

Here’s how to take advantage of the Program

What You Do

What Elecraft Will Do

What You Get Back From Elecraft

How Long Will It Take?

Order your K3S/100-F online with any additional options that are not in your K3 and Order the K3 Migration Service

We will process your K3S order and issue the Return Authorization for your K3 via email

1. An order acknowledgement and sales order number.

2. A separate email from Elecraft with the RSA (Return Authorization) for your K3.

Expect 24 to 48 hours to receive your RSA shipping instructions via email.

Ship your K3 to Elecraft.

Upon receipt, we will check that the K3 is operating properly. (**see exclusions below)

An acknowledgement email that your K3 has arrived.

You'll receive your K3S/100-F 7 to 10 business days after we receive your K3.


1. The K3S/100-F will be populated with all applicable options from your K3.

2. We will also apply all modifications to the options while we move them.

1. Your new K3S/100-F configured and fully prepared to operate right out of the box.

2. Your K3S/100-F fully updated with a Factory Certificate confirming it meets all Elecraft K3 specifications.

Your K3 may take up to 15 business days to be returned.


**Exclusions and Added Factory Services may apply - see below.



**Exclusions and Added Factory Services

We want you to be delighted with both the K3S and K3 when you receive them back. To be sure that both are ready to be used, there may be other added-cost repair or calibration services. If this is the case, we will always contact you prior to any work being done.


K3 Options that can be moved to a K3S/100-F

Original K3 Options

Will it work with K3S/100-F?




The KAT3A, however, achieves lower insertion loss and is recommended over the KAT3.


Note: Extra cost item may be required.


When moved to a K3S/100-F, the 2nd KSYN3 must be upgraded to a KSYN3A.

Please order KSYN3AUPG when the K3S/100-Factory is ordered. This is an extra cost item to the K3S/100-F purchase.

See the KSYN3A FAQ for more details.





Now Included with the K3S/100-F purchase

Elecraft recommends this be left in the K3.



For maximum value of the K3S/100-F, order the new interface cable, CBLP3Y when you order the K3S/100-F.












Order KBPF3A if you need access to the new 630 meter band and adjacent VLF frequencies.

PR6, PR10 or PR6-10 Series preamps

Included with the K3S/100-F.

The built-in preamp on the K3S now combines 12M, 10M and 6M.

Elecraft recommends the PR series preamps be used standalone with any other amateur radio.

All KFL3A-xx Filters


All your filters can be moved to the K3S/100-F

Frequently Asked Questions



I have already upgraded my K3 with some of the K3S Upgrade kits. What happens to them?

Any K3S upgrade kits already installed in your K3will be left in the K3 if they are not needed in the K3S. Then the K3 will be configured and tested prior to return shipment with them installed.

What happens if the K3, when it is received, does not pass initial testing?

When we receive your K3 we will assume that it is working properly. We will, however, run it through our factory testing system to confirm this.

We are happy to make sure your K3 is running properly when it is returned. We will not conduct any additional-cost repairs to your K3 until we have contacted you with an estimate.

I have the KRX3, a second Receiver, installed in my K3. Why do I have to purchase an extra KSYN3A Upgrade?

The K3S/100-F has a newly designed frequency synthesizer, which has far improved Phase Noise. It replaced the original KSYN3 found in earlier K3 models.

For the KRX3 to be installed in a K3S/100-F, the 2 synthesizers must be identical. This means that the KRX3 will need to have a new synthesizer, an extra cost item.

You can learn more about the KSYN3A Upgrade with this FAQ.

Does this mean I must order an extra KSYN3A Upgrade when I order my K3S/100-F?

Yes, please be sure to select the KSYN3A Upgrade when you purchase the K3S/100-F. Here’s where to order it..

What happens if one of the options does not work when it is placed in the K3S/100-F?

Generally, we will have found this during initial testing and will have contacted you.

You can be assured, however, that once it is in the K3S/100-F, it will be upgraded and confirmed to be operating to specification.

What if I do not want all the options in my K3 to be moved into my new K3S/100-F?

Elecraft’s intent is to be sure that the K3S you receive is optimized for the way you want to operate.

For that reason, if you do not want all the options in your K3 to be installed in your new K3S, please tell us which ones and we will leave them in the K3.

I want to keep my K3 as a second rig. Will you install different options in the K3 while moving others into the K3S/100-F?

We can accommodate specific requests. Please be prepared to clearly outline what you want in both radios and we’ll make it happen.

Contact Customer Service with the options you would like to install. You can email sales3@elecraft.com and provide them with your RSA #.

I would like to use the KAT3 auto-tuner option currently in my K3 rather than purchase the KAT3A. Is this possible?

Yes, we can migrate the KAT3 into the K3S/100-F.

For best performance, however, we recommend the KAT3A with its unique relay bypass for minimal insertion loss.

Which of my K3 options can be moved to a K3S/100-F?

There are K3 options that can by moved from your K3 to a new K3S/100-F. Please note that some K3 options are now integrated into the K3S/100-F.

Please see the list above "Which K3 Options can be moved to a K3S/100-F?" section for details. Please note that some K3 options are now integrated into the K3S/100-F.