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Manuales y artículo de Elecraft en español Traducidos por Paulí Nuñez, EA3BLQ      Gracias Paulí !

KX1, KX3, K2, K3 Mini Op. Manuals from Nifty! Ham Accessories

 Data Sheets,Banners and K1/K2 High Resolution Drawings

Newest Mini-Modules Data Sheet (pdf) (202 KB) Newest Mini-Modules Data Sheet - W1, AF1, AT1
Mini-Modules Data Sheet (pdf) (250 KB) Mini-Modules Data Sheet  ( July 2006)
KX3 Datasheet (pdf)  (5.5MB) KX3 Transceiver Datasheet (September 2014)
XG3 Datasheet (pdf) (210 KB) XG3 1.5-1400 MHz signal source Datasheet (5/2011)
T1 ATU Data Sheet (pdf) (1 MB) T1 Miniature ATU Data Sheet  (July 2006)
KX1 Data Sheet (pdf) (248 KB) KX1 Data Sheet (July 2006)

K1 Data Sheet (PDF)

(222 KB) K1 Data Sheet (July 2014) - Print and give to your friends!

K2 Data Sheet (PDF)

(840 KB) K2 Data Sheet  (July 2006) - Print and give to your friends!
K3 Datasheet (.pdf) (250 KB) K3 Data Sheet (2011) - Print and give to your friends!
K3S Datasheet (.pdf) (1.5 MB) K3S Data Sheet (2015) - Print and give to your friends!
KPA500 Datasheet (pdf) (75 KB) KPA500 Amplifier Datasheet (2011) - Print and give to your friends!
XV Transverters Data Sheet (pdf) (372 KB) XV Series Transverters Data Sheet, Includes XV432 (July 2006) - Print and give to your friends!
K1 High Resolution Drawing (28 KB) High Resolution drawing (2X) of the K1 for your web page and QSL card use.
K2 High Resolution Drawing (62 KB) High Resolution drawing  (2X) of the K2 for your web page and QSL card use.
K2/100 High Resolution Picture (450 KB) High Resolution .JPG picture of theK2/100
Elecraft Banner Ad (gif) (11 KB) Banner Ad Graphic - Rotates through K1 and K2 pictures

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Slide Presentations

K3 PowerPoint Slides PowerPoint K3 Slide Set for Club Presentations (c) 2009 Elecraft, Inc. Includes descriptions and pictures of the K3, P3 (new) and receiver performance comparison table. Slides may be duplicated for Radio Club presentation use. Feel free to select slides from this collection for your club presentations.  (4.5MB)
Elecraft K1, K2 PowerPoint Slides PowerPoint Slide Set for Club Presentations on Elecraft. (c) 2001 Elecraft. Includes descriptions and pictures of the K1 and K2 along with numerous slides on Elecraft and a picture of Wayne and Eric. Slides may be duplicated for Radio Club presentation use. Feel free to select slides from this collection for your club presentations.  (3.8MB)
Free PowerPoint Slide Viewer Free PowerPoint viewer software from Microsoft. Download and use to view the above slides. New 2003 version for PowerPoint '97 to present slides.

KX3 Ultra Portable All Mode 160-6M Transceiver

KX3 Owner's Manual (3.5 MB) KX3 Owners Manual  Rev C5 (June 16, 2014)
KX3 Assembly Manual (.pdf) (5.7 MB) KX3 Kit Assembly Manual Rev G8 (11-20-2015)
KX3 2M / 4M Manual (.pdf) (2.2 MB) KX3 2M / 4M Manual Rev B (9-30-2015)
KX3HSMDKT (.pdf) (900 KB) KX3HSMDKT Enhanced Heat Sink Installation Instructions Rev B (6-17-2015)
KX3-PCKT Cable Set (.pdf) (4MB) KX3-PCKT Accessory Cable Set Rev 0  (Aug 20, 2012)
KX3 Mobile Installation And Operation Guide (.pdf) (630 kB) KX3 article on Mobile Installation and Operation by Matt Zilmer, Rev 1.6  (November 23, 2012)   

Also see the excellent mobile operation web site. 

KX3 Guide for Blind Operators (.pdf) (52 kB) KX3 CW UI Operation Rev E1  (July 6, 2012)
KX3 Quick Reference (.pdf) (1.3 MB) Quick reference to KX3 functions. 
KX3 Quick Reference (.pdf)

In French (Français)

(792 kB) Quick reference to KX3 functions. In French.
KX3 Block Diagram  (.pdf) (64 kB) KX3 Block Diagram (March 27, 2012)
K3S / K3 / KX3 Programmers Reference (.pdf) (500 KB) K3S, K3 and KX3 Programmer's Reference (Rev F6, 01/08/2016)  
KX3 Schematics (.pdf) (650 KB) KX3 Schematics (03/05/2013)
KX3 Speaker Grille Instructions (.pdf) (1.5MB) KX3 Application Note Installing Speaker Grille
KXFL3 Filter Option (.pdf) (700 KB) KXFL3 Roofing Dual-Bandwidth Filter Installation and Calibration Instructions (Rev A3, 6/4/2015) 
KXAT3 Option (.pdf) (500 KB) KXAT3 Option (Rev A, 6/11/2012) 
KXBC3 Installation (.pdf) (1.75 MB) KXBC3 Installation Manual (Rev A2, October/29/2012) 
KXBC3 Installation Errata A2-2 (.pdf) (8 KB) KXBC3 Installation Errata (Rev A2-2, October/31/2012) 
KXPD3 Paddle Instruction (500 KB) KXPD3 Instruction (Rev E, 12/19/2015) 
Proset Boom Headset instruction (.pdf)   (105 KB) Using the Heil Proset Boom Headset with your KX3 intructions
 (Rev A, 2/21/2012) 


PX3 Owner's Manual (4.0 MB) PX3 Owners Manual Rev A6 (November 5, 2015)
PX3 Programmer's Reference (40 KB) ELECRAFT PX3 PROGRAMMER'S REFERENCE   (Rev A2, 10/14/2015)


KXPA100 Manual (.pdf) (1.4 MB) KXPA100 Owners Manual Rev A5 (March 31, 2014)
KXPA100 Assembly Manual (.pdf) (0.6 MB) KXPA100 Assembly Manual Rev A2 (March 15, 2014)
KXPA100 Assembly Errata (.pdf) (52 KB) KXPA100 Kit Assembly Manual Errata Rev A2-1 (November 24, 2014)
KXPA100 Programmers Reference (.pdf) (0.6 MB) KXPA100 Command Reference  (Nov. 21, 2013)
KXAT100 Installation Manual A (.pdf) (1.8 MB) Installing KXAT100 in your KXPA100  (Feb. 27, 2014)

KX1 Portable CW Transceiver

KX1 Manual (.pdf) (2.7 MB) KX1 Assembly and operations manual with schematics Rev E            (May 21, 2010)
KX1 Manual Errata (.pdf) (0.2 MB) KX1 Assembly Manual Errata Rev E-1            (09/26/2015)
KX1 Quick Reference (.pdf) (80 kB) Single page reference to KX1 functions. (Extracted from the KX1 manual)
KXAT1 Manual (119 kB) KXAT1 Autotuner assembly and operations manual with schematics. Production Release Rev B. (July 27, 2011) 
KXPD1 Manual (.pdf) (374 KB) KXPD1 Paddle assembly and operations manual. Production Release Rev B. (July 27, 2011)
KXB30 Manual (.pdf) (1.1 MB) KXB30 30M option assembly and operations manual with schematics. Production Release Rev A. (Oct 15, 2003) Manual Errata A-1 (10/28/03)
KXB3080 Manual (.pdf) (762 KB) KXB3080  30M and 80M adapter assembly and operations manual with schematics Rev B (May 16 2012)

K1 and Accessories

K1 Manual (.pdf) (5.1MB) K1 Owner's Manual, Rev J, 03/24/2015 
K1 Manual Errata (.pdf) (5.1MB) K1 Owner's Manual Errata, Rev J-1, 08/29/2015 
K1 1.09 F/W Description (.pdf) (21KB) K1 Version 1.09 Firmware description and upgrade instructions
KNB1 Manual (.pdf) (188 KB) Rev C, Jan 18, 2001
KNB1 Manual Errata(.pdf) (34 KB) Errata for the KNB1 Manual Rev C-3 (December 18, 2006) 
KAT1 Manual (.pdf) (216 KB) Rev C, Jan 18, 2001
KAT1 Manual Errata (23 KB) Errata for the KAT1 Manual (Rev C-2, 9/06/13)

KFL1-2 Instruction Sheet (.pdf)

(67 KB) Additional Two Band Module for the K1. Rev I,  (December 13, 2005)
KTS1 Instruction Sheet (.pdf) (440 KB)  Latest instruction sheet for the Wide Range Tilt Stand for the K1. (Rev G, 1/24/01)
KBT1 Manual (pdf) (195 KB) KBT1 Battery Adapter, Rev A  6/29/01
KBT1 Manual Errata (.pdf) (16 KB) Errata Rev A-6 for the KBT1 (Dec. 5, 2006)
K1BKLTKT LCD Mod Kit (.pdf) (218 KB) Instruction Sheet Rev C.   LCD Backlight Modification  for Built and un-Built K1's (07/27/06)

K2 and Accessories 

K2 Manual (.pdf) (5.6 MB) REV I - March 29, 2012 K2 Manual for K2s with serial numbers 4060 and above using Revision B PCB. Main section including appendices A,B,C, and E. Appendix D is a separate file (next item below). For earlier manual revisions and K2 s/n's, see the Manual Archive Page

K2 Manual (DL2FI, German Translation)

K2 User guide, DM3DA, German version
Appendixes Rev H(.pdf) (4.2 MB) Detail Pictures of a K2 During Construction (Rev H Manual)
K2 Owner's Manual Errata (pdf)   (14 KB) K2 Owner's Operation Manual Errata  (Rev I-3, 09/01/2015) 
K2 Mini operating Manual New K2 Mini Operating Manual from Nifty! Ham Accessories. Includes latest 2.04 firmware features. 

K2 PLL Ref Upgr (.pdf) (290 KB) Instructions for K2 Temperature-Compensated PLL Reference Upgrade (Rev E, 03/14/2005)
K2ATOBKT (.pdf) (200KB) K2 Revision A to B upgrade instructions. (Rev E, 05/29/2003)
K2BCOMPKT (.pdf) (40 KB) K2 B Component Kit instructions (kit of parts to build unbuilt Rev A K2s and complete them as Rev B.)  (Rev D 01/13/2014)
K2 Keying B/W Mod (.pdf) (426 KB) Installation instructions for the K2 CW Keying Bandwidth Mod. (Included with K2s s/n 4060+.) Rev A, Feb 3, 2004
KPA100 Manual (.pdf) (1.8 MB) 100W Internal Integration kit for the K2, Assembly and Operations Manual. Rev H2, (8/26/2015)
KPA100 Error Codes (.pdf) (6 KB) Error Codes for the KPA100 (Addendum to manual.)
KPA100 Shield Upgrade (.pdf) (100 KB) KPA100 Shield Upgrade Instructions. (Rev B) This shield is included with all K2's S/N 3574+, shipped on June 14, 2003 or later. 
KPA100MODKT (.pdf) (100KB) KPA100 Mod Kit Instructions
KPA100UPKT (.pdf) KPA100 Upgrade Kit Instructions
KPA100UPKT Errata (.pdf) (1,087 KB) KAP100UPKT Errata Rev A-6 (Nov. 9, 2007)

KSB2 Manual (.pdf)

(450 KB) SSB Option Manual (Rev G  July 2, 2011)

KSB2 Manual Errata (.pdf)

(450 KB) SSB Option Manual Errata (Rev G-1  08/29/2015)
ProSet-K2/K3 (.pdf) (179 KB) Heil Boom Headset w/ Mic Inst. Manual (Rev C, May 30, 2009)

K160RX Manual (.pdf)

(55 KB) 160M / 2nd RX Option Manual (REV D, 10/10/06)
KNB2  Manual (.pdf) (104 KB) Noise Blanker Option Manual (REV D, Aug 20, 2002)

KNB2  Manual Errata (.pdf)

(150  KB) Errata for KNB2  Manual (REV D-5 , 11/29/2015)

KBT2 Manual (.pdf)

(177 KB) Battery Option Manual (Rev A 7/19/99)

KAT2 Manual (.pdf)

(255 KB ) K2 Internal Auto Tuner Manual (Rev F, 9/03/2012)
KAT100 Manual (.pdf) (2.1MB) KAT100 150W External Auto Tuner Manual (Rev C, 3/12/03)
KIO2 Manual (.pdf) (200 KB) RS-232 Remote Control Option for the K2 (Rev C, 6/2012)
KDSP2 Manual (.pdf) (745 KB) KDSP2 DSP for the K2 (Rev A1, June 2003)  
KDSP2 Manual Errata (.pdf) (86 KB) KDSP2 Manual Errata (Rev A-3, 2/5/07)
KAF2 Manual (.pdf) (277 KB) KAF2 Audio Filter / Real Time Clock Manual  (Rev A, 8/30/01)
K60XV Manual (.pdf) (532KB) K60XV 60-M and Transverter Interface Manual (Rev B, 8/15/12)
K60XV Errata (pdf) ( 35 KB ) Errata for K60XV Manual (Rev B-3, 12/15/2013)
SSBCAPKT Manual (pdf) (155 KB) SSB Bandwidth Increase Capacitor kit manual for the KSB2. (11/04)
K2VCOSHLDKT Manual (pdf) (150 KB) K2 VCO Magnetic Shield Kit (Rev E, 10/05)

K2 Programmer's Command Reference - RS-232 Computer Control

K2 / KIO2 Programmer's Reference (.pdf) (193 KB) Complete programmer's command reference, REV E,  for RS-232 computer control of the K2 with the KIO2 or KPA100 . (Feb 3, 2004)

K2 Firmware Update Notes

2.04 K2 Firmware Notes (.pdf)

(139 KB) Version 2.04 Firmware for the K2: Installation instructions and new features list. (Rev J, Sept. 10, 2008)

K3S and Accessories

K3S Owner's Manual (pdf) (5MB) K3S Owner's Manual, HIGH-PERFORMANCE 160 – 6 METER TRANSCEIVER , (Rev A1, 5/26/2015)  
K3S Owner's Manual Errata (pdf) (100KB) K3S  Owner's Manual Errata, (Rev A1-2, 9/21/2015)  
K3S Assembly Manual (pdf) (9.0 MB) K3S Kit Assembly Manual, (Rev B1, 11/20/2015)  
K3S FAQ (pdf) (0.5 MB) K3S Frequency Asked Questions and Answers (Rev C8, 12/22/2015)
K3S / K3 / KX3 Programmers Reference (.pdf) (500 KB) K3S, K3 and KX3 Programmer's Reference (Rev F6, 01/08/2016)  
K3S Important letter (.doc) (30 KB) K3S Important letter (Rev B)  

K3  and Accessories

K3 Owner's Manual  (pdf) (12.4 MB) K3 Owner's Operation Manual, High Res. (Rev D10, 8/24/2011) 
K3 Owner's Manual  (pdf) (1.8 MB) K3 Owner's Operation Manual, Low Res. (Rev D10, 8/24/2011)   
K3 Owner's Manual Errata (pdf) (61 KB) K3 Owner's Operation Manual Errata (Rev D10-8, 3/31/2015)   
K3 Assembly Manual (pdf) (5 MB) K3 Assembly Manual, (Rev M, 9/03/2014)  
K3 Assembly Manual Errata (pdf) (120 KB)K3 Assembly Manual Errata, (Rev M-4, 5/01/2015)  
KSYN3A Manual (pdf)  FAQ  (pdf) (2.0 MB) KSYN3A SYNTHESIZER INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS , (Rev A5, 09/04/2015)  
KSYN3A Article (pdf)  Exploring the World Below 530 Kcs With a K3 by Fred Jensen, K6DGW
SP3 Owner's Manual (pdf) (1.0 MB) SP3 Speaker Owner's Manual
K144XV Manual (pdf) (1.6 MB) K144XV 2M internal Module Assembly and Operating Manual
(Rev E, 09/04/2015)
K144XV Manual Errata (pdf) (10 KB) K144XV 2M internal Module Assembly and Operating Manual Errata
(Rev E-2, 12/03/2015)
K144XV Ref Lock Manual (pdf) (1.2 MB) K144XV Reference Oscillator Phase Lock Option Installation Manual  (Rev A2, 02/21/2013)  
K144XV Ref Lock Errata (pdf) (10 KB) K144XV Reference Oscillator Phase Lock Option Installation Errata  (Rev A2-2, 12/05/2015)  
ProSet-K2/K3 (.pdf) (179 KB) Heil Boom Headset w/ Mic Inst. Manual (Rev C, May 30, 2009) Now includes instructions for the K3!
KPA3 Manual (pdf) (2.9 MB) KPA3 100W Option Manual (Rev G, 07/25/11)
KPA3 Power Connector Replacement Manual (pdf) (4.38 MB) KPA3 Power Connector Replacement Manual (Rev A, 08/13/12)
KAT3 Manual (pdf)  (2 MB) KAT3 Autotuner Manual (Rev C, 06/24/08)
KBPF3 Manual (pdf) (2.5 MB) KBPF3 General Coverage RX Option Manual (Rev D, 6/24/08)
KRX3  Manual (pdf) (8 MB) KRX3 Sub Receiver Option Manual (Rev F1, 03/14/2013)  
K3EXREF Manual (pdf) (1.3 MB) 10 Mhz External reference Input Option Manual (Rev A2, 10/31/12)
K3EXREF Errata (pdf) (77 Kb) K3EXRED Installation Manual Errata (Rev A2-5, 1/04/14)
K3 Crystal Filter Manual (pdf) K3 Crystal Filter Installation Manual (Now part of Rev B Owner's Manual)
KXV3  Manual (pdf) KXV3 Transverter Interface Option Manual (Rev C, 06/24/08)
KXV3 Option Manual Errata (pdf) (14 KB) KXV3 Option Manual Errata (Rev C2-1, 11/28/15) 
KXV3A  Manual (pdf) (1.8 MB) KXV3A Transverter Interface Option Manual (Rev B, 12/28/2011) (This manual applies to only the  KXV3A Xverter I/O board)
KXV3B  Manual (pdf) (1.5 MB) KXV3B Transverter Interface Option Manual (Rev C2, 7/27/2015) (This manual applies to only the  new KXV3B Xverter I/O board)
KDVR3 Manual (pdf) (1.7 MB) KDVR3 Installation Instructions(Rev C, 02/16/12)
KTCXO3-1 Manual (pdf) KTCXO3-1 Installation Instructions (Rev F1, 12/16/13)
KUSB OS Drivers Page KUSB Drivers for Win2K, XP, Vista, Win 7, Mac OSX, OS 8 & 9 and Linux
K3 Schematics (pdf) (7.8 MB) K3 Schematic Package (June, 2010) 
K3S / K3 / KX3 Programmers Reference (.pdf) (500 KB) K3S, K3 and KX3 Programmer's Reference (Rev F6, 01/08/2016)  
K3 Front Panel Control Locations (.txt) K3 front panel control location text file for blind ops.
K3 Manual Archive Older K3 Manuals (For reference only.)

PR Series Low Noise GaAs FET Receive Preamplifiers

PR6 Owner's Manual (650kB) PR6 Owner's Manual - Rev B (5/19/11)
PR6 Manual Errata (160kB) PR6 Manual Errata - Rev B-2 (6/19/15)
PR10 Owner's Manual (650kB) PR10 Owner's Manual - Rev A (10/20/11)
PR6-10 Owner's Manual (650kB) PR6-10 Owner's Manual - Rev A (6/13/12)
PR6-10 Manual Errata (160kB) PR6-10 Receive Preamplifier Manual Errata - Rev A-2 (6/19/15)


K3-Remote System

K3-Remote Owner's Manual (pdf) (1.8MB) K3-Remote Owner's Manual - Rev D (4/10/14)


KAT500 AutoTuner & Smart Antenna Switch

KAT500 Owners Manual (pdf) (3.2 MB) KAT500 Owners Manual - Rev C5 (3/31/15)
KAT500 Serial Command Reference (pdf) (507KB) Elecraft KAT500 Automatic Antenna Tuner Serial Command Reference (06/11/13)


 KPA500 160-6M 500W Amplifier

KPA500 Owner's Manual (pdf) (1.3 MB) KPA500 Owners Manual - Rev D1  (02/27/15)
KPA500 Manual Errata (pdf) (7 kB) KPA500 Owners Manual - Rev D-1  (11/17/14)
KPA500 Kit Assembly Manual (pdf) (10 MB) KPA500 Kit Assembly Manual - Rev F4 (10/11/13) 
KPA500 Fuse Installation (pdf) (250 kB) photos and instructions on installing fuses and setting line voltage for KPA500 (6/7/2011)
KPAK3AUX Manual (pdf) (50 kB) KPAK3AUX Cable set instructions, with pictures - Rev 1c (1/31/12)
KPA500 Prog. Reference(pdf) (160 kB) KPA500 Programmer's Reference Manual Rev A2 (7/7/11)


XV Transverters

XV Transverter Owner's Manual (pdf) (1.8 MB) XV Transverter (50, 144, 222, 432) Owner's Manual (Rev F1, 4/16/2013) 
XV Assembly Manual for XV50, 144 and 222 MHz (pdf) (1.6 MB) Assembly Manual for XV50, XV144 and XV222 (Rev E. 01/31/2012) 
XV Assembly Manual for XV432 MHz (pdf) (1.3 MB) Assembly Manual for XV432 Rev D  ( 07/18/2012)
XV 432 Assembly Manual Errata (pdf) (141 KB) Assembly Manual Errata for XV432 (Rev D-3, 11/27/2013)  
XV 432 Assembly Installation Instruction  (pdf)  (57 KB) XV432 High Accuracy Crystal Installation  (Rev D, 09/01/2014)  
XV Bypass Capacitor Change (pdf)  (149 KB) Builder's Alert Bypass Capacitor Change (Rev B 04/30/2009)

T1 Miniature Autotuner

T1 ATU Owner's Manual (pdf) (1.2 MB) T1 Owner's Manual Rev A2 (March 14, 2005)
T1 Assembly Manual (pdf) (764 KB) T1 Assembly Manual Rev D1 (10/18/2011)
T1 Assembly Manual Errata (pdf) (75 KB) T1 Assembly Manual Errata Rev D1-1 (7/31/2015)
T1-FT817 Remote Control Cable Manual (pdf) (120 KB) T1-FT817 Remote Control Cable Manual Rev A (Mar. 14, 2005)


W1 Watt-meter / SWR Bridge (532 KB) W1 Watt-meter / SWR Bridge, Rev D  (Oct. 12, 2008)
AF1 Audio Filter   (400 KB) AF1 Audio Filter, Rev B  (02/18/2012)
AF1 Audio Filter Errata (458KB) AF1 Audio Filter, Errata A-4 (January 23, 2008)
AT1 41 dB Step Attenuator (565 KB) AT1 41 dB HF / VHF Step Attenuator (Sept 7, 2006)
2T-Gen Manual (.pdf) (755 KB) 2T-Gen Two Tone Generator, Rev B, March 10, 2010
BL1 Manual (4:1) (.pdf) ( 438 KB) BL1 Balun,  4:1 winding, Rev B (Nov. 10, 2006)
BL1 Manual (1:1) (.pdf) ( 438 KB) BL1 Balun,  1:1 winding, Rev B (Nov 10, 2006)
BL2 Manual (.pdf) (256 KB) BL2 250W Balun. 1:1 and 4:1 Switchable, Rev B (October 12, 2008)
CP1 Manual (.pdf) (300 KB) CP1 Directional Couplet, Rev B ( June 7, 2006)
DL1 Manual (.pdf) ( 227 KB) DL1 Dummy Load, Rev C (April 19, 2011)
Ngen Manual (.pdf) ( 42 KB) Ngen Noise Generator, Rev D (11/7/08)
XG2 Manual (.pdf) (240 KB) XG2 Three Band  Receiver Test Oscillator/S-Meter Calibrator Rev F  (03/28/2012)
XG2 Manual Errata (.pdf) (50 KB) XG2 TEST OSCILLATOR MANUAL ERRATA  REV F-2 (03/18/2015)
XG50 KIT RF Signal Source (275 KB) XG50 KIT RF Signal Source Owner's Manual Rev D  (11/26/2012) 

KRC2 Band Decoder

KRC2 Manual (1.7 MB) KRC2 Band Decoder manual. Rev C. (5/1/08)
KRC2 Errata (9 KB) Errata for KRC2 Band Decoder. Rev C-4. (10/07/2010)   
KRC2ACC Option Manual (.pdf) (170 KB) KRC2 Accessibility Option Manual (CW Feedback) (3/4/03)
KRC2 Download Program (zip) (1.4 MB) V1.1 Windows (98, 2000, ME, XP) program to download new firmware to the KRC2 from your PC. Also requires one of the firmware hex files listed below (KRC2 or KRC2ACC V1.2.hex) Unzip this file in a temp dir and run setup.exe
KRC2 Firmware V1.6  (38 KB) KRC2 Firmware V1.6  (Oct 5, 2011)

(Download and then open with the KRC2 Downloader.)

Added 6 meter selector in default band-map
Holding F4 on power up now replaces band-map with the default band-map.
Fixed problem with serial communications when loading band-maps.

KRC2ACC Firmware V1.6 (38 KB)KRC2ACC Firmware V1.6  (Oct 5, 2011)

(Download and then open with the KRC2 Downloader.)

For the CW feedback, accessibility option version of the KRC2

W2 Wattmeter

W2 Watt-meter / SWR Bridge Manual (3 MB) W2 Watt-meter / SWR Bridge Owner's Manual Rev D2   (7/28/15) 
W2 Serial Interface Commands (373 KB) W2 Serial Interface Commands. Rev D (04/12/2010)  

P3 Panadapter 

P3 Owner's Manual (4.3 MB) P3 Panadapter Owner's Manual Rev F (01/11/2016)
P3 Programmer's Reference (25 KB) P3 Programmer's Reference (Rev A5, 1/23/2015) 
P3 Schematics   (519 KB)  P3 Schematics (Rev D, 3/11/2010)
P3 SVGA Schematics (632 KB) P3 SVGA Schematics (Rev D, 1/26/2012)
P3 SVGA Video Adapter
FFT Processor


XG3 RF Signal Source 

XG3 RF Signal Source Manual  (386 KB) XG3 RF Signal Source Owner's Manual Rev D2  (2/17/ 2015)  

Manual contents and  specifications and prices  are subject to change without notice.

These manuals may be printed and copied for personal use. They may not be duplicated, modified or sold for commercial purposes without permission from Elecraft.