Here are several internal Elecraft K2 shots. This is one of our lab K2s, so you may see an extra component or two tacked on the boards for testing.

The large amount of open space above the main RF board is used by the Internal Battery, Auto Tuner, High Power PA and other options which mount inside the top cover of the K2.

Step by Step K2 Assembly pictures, by Eric, PA3CEV

Picture of all the K2 toroids by AC6KW.

Click on the small pictures for a more detailed view.

SSB Adapter ssb2.jpg (41160 bytes)
160M Adapter 160M.jpg (11207 bytes)
K2 Main RF and uP Control Boards- Viewed from Above the K2
K2 Main RF and uP Control Boards - viewed from the rear of the K2
K2 Main RF Board - viewed from the front of the K2
K2 Front Panel Board

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