My K2 now on the air!

Don Wilhelm (
Mon, 15 Feb 1999 21:02:22 -0500

Gang, I have not been following the QRP-L digest for the past 2 weeks, 'cause I have been building my K2. I must say that Wayne and Eric are producing a fine rig here. I first had a problem with weak signals when I first got to the "test 40 mtr receiver" stage, but with Wayne provided a lot of support and assistance and pointed me to the mixer - which I had intalled backwards! (I really didn't do that- did I?). After I corrected my error, I found that this indeed is a HOT receiver. With the default filter settings this K2 was receiving Q5 signals that I could hardly hear on my Yaesu FT-900AT. The receiver is quiet, and will really dig signals out of the mud, and is a pleasure to operate, it just feels natural and intuitive. After much "Twiddling and tweaking" (not required BTW - just my way) I got it on the air tonight. Got a good 579 report from Long Island, NY at 5 watts. Frank, on the other end had a 'scope to look at the signal, and said it looked great - good keying shape, quick rise times with no trace of a click, and no chirp detected. I must say, that I am honored to have been a part of this field test team. If the responsiveness of both Wayne and Eric during this test is any indication of the product support that will be offered later, they will be rated better than TenTec for customer service. They have said they will open the reflector we have been using for the test for everyone. What a tremendous way to get quick response for a problem one is having while building a kit. This is certainly not a beginners kit, but the first pass manual was VERY good. Clear and very few errors in it. In the duration of this test, there has been only 1 errata sheet (a small one) and 12 "Builders Alerts". Not bad to only have 12 problems found in this field test. I believe that anyone who is not intimidated by soldering in slightly cramped spaces can successfully build this kit. It is a good one! Congratulations to Elecraft for a great addition to the QRP field of rigs. 73/72, Don Wilhelm -- Wake Forest, NC W3FPR -- QRP-L # 485 ________________________________________________________ NetZero - We believe in a FREE Internet. Shouldn't you? Get your FREE Internet Access and Email at

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