The K2 is my link to the world when sailing. I use it exclusively for Pactor II based email with an SCS PTC IIe multimode modem. I use the K2 and PSK 31 for entertainment and to sharpen my skills when I'm home. It also lets me work on the radio and make sure that all is well before the next sailing trip.

It really is amazing how much can be done with 5 watts in the digital modes.  The low power consumption of the K2 really makes the difference since ALL of my power when sailing comes from 2 solar panels totaling 70 watts. The panels keep my battery charged and provide for lights, fan, laptop computer, Marine VHF Radio, and all other power needs such as GPS. I have no other source of
 electricity. This makes my marine mobile station a full time "Field Day" operation. Of course, the saltwater as a ground does help in signal propagation.

Happy Holidays to you and yours as well as the rest of the Elecraft Family!

 Jobst   KC0HKM