Sent: Thursday, December 21, 2000 2:30 PM
Subject: It's Alive!!

I fired up my K1 for the first time yesterday. I have never built a kit radio and this is the most sophisticated construction project I've ever taken on. The instructions were very clear and aligning the radio was easy.

My first QSO was with UA1ZGD/9 on 20-meters. Serge gave me a 559 report from Tazowski, Russia. But I was running just 1-Watt into my small LPDA on a roof-mounted tower!! Pretty exciting stuff for a long-time Kilowatt Junkie.

After a few more QSOs with European and North American stations on 20 and 40-meters, I cranked the power up... to 2-Watts. Worked a Venezuelan and two South African stations on 20-meters. Finally quit around local midnight, tired and excited.

Thanks to Elecraft for developing and producing this fine rig. I've re-learned a lot about radios by reviewing the schematics and enjoying the fresh smell of burning rosin. Even given a working design, there's no way I could ever assemble the parts, build a board and fabricate a cabinet for the price of the K1. It has been a blast... and the fun is just beginning. I can hardly wait to take it camping!

Brian K1LI