Subject: [Elecraft] K1 #474 On the Air!
Date: Tue, 23 Jan 2001 10:36:02 -0700
From: Kevin Swesey <>
To: "''" <>

Hello all!
This is somewhat belated since K1 #474 has been "On The Air" now for nearly three weeks, but I am a new subscriber and had to take this opportunity to boast!! My K1 went together flawlessly and fired right up! Only difficulty I encountered was not realizing how sharp those band-pass filters are when tweaking and doing final alignment. One email to Elecraft was promptly answered by Gary Surrency, AB7MY with the details I needed. I am getting nearly 7 watts on both bands (20 & 40) and can't believe the receiver, how sensitive it is! I will now take on the K2!! Have logged nearly two dozen contacts since "buttoning it up" and am having the time of my life! Have it
set up in my workshop and sometimes I go out there just to stare at it!! 

Wife thinks I'm really weird... which leads me to my submission for the  T-shirt slogan. Here it is "K1 (or K2) ...if you have to ask, you wouldn't 

Alas...allow me to take this opportunity to extend my sincere gratitude to Eric, Wayne, Gary, and Scott and all at Elecraft for a remarkable product  and many, many best wishes for your continued success. Elecraft is truly revolutionizing the QRP world!!

Kevin Swesey, K6RXL