K2 Closure.

Subject: K2 Closure.
From: Ed Loranger (we6w@qsl.net)
Date: Wed Sep 22 1999 - 13:22:10 EDT

Gang, I finished the K2 yesterday.  I was on the air earlier
than expected.

I've made 6 QSO's on 40 meters with outstanding reports.
Albuquerque, NM last night gave me a detailed report.
"So stable, like a XTAL rig... Nice tone, clean and crisp".

Summary details:

Total Time to build, including alignment: 26 Hours.

Unique information:I built the rig while I was standing
                   at the 3'-4" work bench, "I don't take
                   building a K2 sitting down!"

Impression:Not difficult to build.  Easier than expected.
           Works perfect as advertised.  Hardest part is
           finding a decent stable signal source, zerobeat,
           and set the IF filters up.  The 7000 KHz internal
           signal did the job.
Got-cha's:The 150 pF capacitor marked 151 on one side
          and 821 on the other.  The manual tells you abt it.
          I recommend new builders sort parts before building.

The Swedish diagonal cutters with clipping retainer is perfect.
Gets in tight and keeps leads from flying around the room
or into one's safety glasses.

Silver solder and regular 63/37 plus some larger diameter 63/37
for tinning the iron periodically and always before turning
iron off.

To expedite building I used a plastic lead-former for the
resistors.  It is a useful tool.  I've also used small
flat files to form lead on smaller outline parts.  Also
nice to use wooden dowels to form test loops in ground wire.
A lead former is just a plastic, vee shaped device, more like
a perspective drawing of radio tracks into the sunset.

That's my summary and closure on the K2 project.  I gather
some are tired of the stories so I kept it short :)

K2 S/N# 000268, Born 9/21/1999. 

K2 beanie babies?  Imagine mini beanbag replicas, rigs, 
keys, etc!  Ant. beams?  Wow.  Let the XMAS rush begin!

72/Ed we6w

-Ed  AR Millennium Q's=>1200/2000  QRP-L#1068 Old NC#2227
72, Ed WE6W, A-1 OP; http://www.qsl.net/we6w  Santa Rosa, CA 
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