Re:  QST K2 review now on ARRL Members Web Site

Subject: Re: [Elecraft] QST K2 review now on ARRL Members Web Site
From: Ed Hare, W1RFI (
Date: Tue Feb 08 2000 - 08:22:37 EST

From the QRP-L email list. wrote:
> Gang:

>        I wonder if, several years ago, Wayne and Eric envisioned that their
> transceiver kit would be so favorably compared to the best rigs on the
> market? It would have been tough for ARRL (or anyone else) to write a more
> favorable review while trying to appear unbiased.

Well, I think the review was unbiased, but "unbiased" does not have to
mean "unimpressed." When a radio of this price class has dynamic range
that stacks up against the performance of what most hams see as the
top-end radios, an unbiased review says so!

I wanted to include a table comparing it with Model I, Model K, Model T
and Model Y, but the editor shot it down. (A bit too "unbiased?" :-) ). 
Of course, the top-end radios do have a number of features that are
found only in top-end radios, but if one wants basic top-end receiver
performance, compare the number of the K2 against the numbers in the
Reviews of the big-gun radios and decide for yourselves. 

>       Having made a/b comparisons between my K2's and OMNI VI+ over many
> months, the glowing independent assessment was no surprise.  Selectivity is
> one edge the OMNI is still holding on to with its cascaded filters, but
> improved filters ARE on Elecraft's list of future enhancements  ;-)

I will add that we just completed the swept-frequency dynamic range
tests and that little K2 maintains that high dynamic range right up to
the filter bandpass. So even though the OmniVI may have a bit better
skirt selectivity, strong signals a couple of kHz away, even if they
could be slightly audible in the passband, will not result in much, if
any, blocking -- at least no more than strong signals 50 kHz away.  The
"Expanded Test Report" should be ready in a day or two, for those who
want to see the numbers. 

Ed Hare, W1RFI

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