160M K2 "Mojo" de KJ5TF/QRPp

Subject: 160M K2 "Mojo" de KJ5TF/QRPp
From: Jim Hale (kj5tf@yahoo.com)
Date: Wed Jan 05 2000 - 09:24:37 EST

Yesterday I built, installed, and aligned the 160M
module. Just before bedtime I had to troll 160M and
see if I could copy anyone.

Well, there was Jim, W9VNE in OH, CQ'ing on

I emailed Jim after the QSO, and he's interested in a
K2 for himself! 

Wow, QRP is awsome, attracting everyone!?

I set my power to 700mW and said what the heck, lets
try. He answered me and gave me a 569! wow

I droped to 250mW and he still copied me!!

I hear about the K2 and "Mojo" - I guess this is
another manifestation of K2 majik? !!

My 1st QSO with my K2 was mobile, on 10M all the way
to Africa with 1.5w, thats K2 Mojo!

My antenna is a 30% shortened dipole, at 45', cut for

I'd love to attack the Miles Per Watt record on 160M
with anyone interested. 

Email me privately at, kj5tf@madisoncounty.net

72/71's de Jim  KJ5TF  K2 # 702

Ham radio/alt energy - http://www.madisoncounty.net/~kj5tf/
Milliwatting Editor ARCI QRP Quarterly 
AR QRP#2 - Kingston, Arkansas  35.94N 93.47W

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