Subject: [Elecraft] SSB option - delightful thrill
Date: Sun, 31 Oct 1999 07:41:53 -0800
From: "Jim Knopf" <>
To: <>

I just have to speak out about my recent experience with the SSB option.

It arrived last week. Upon first look, I was highly intimidated by the complex appearance of the board - very closely spaced components, lots of 'em. (my eyes aren't so good anymore for close up work.)

So, I brought out the magnifying visor, and connected up the new soldering station, and dived right in.

I had to work in one-hour stretches due to pain in my neck and back from bending over the project. This proved to be a blessing, because it gave me time to really "savor" the joy of the previous hour, while I rested for an hour or so in anticipation of the next session. A few evenings later, It was complete.

I came to realize what a genius Wayne is. I have never seen such an engineering marvel. Everything fits and works together so perfectly!

I ended up not having the "spare" capacitor mentioned in the manual, but I was also long on one resistor. Hmmm. No big deal.

Everything about the new SSB adapter worked perfectly from the start. With compression set at 2:1 I am getting on-air reports of "excellent" and having a real blast with my newly upgraded toy. Thanks, Elecraft, for such outstanding work.

If you are entertaining the thought of purchasing this new adapter .... do it. Even if you never use it, you'll savor the experience of building it for the rest of your life. And think about how much more the radio will be worth when you passit on to your grandson or daughter. What a pleasure this has been! 

Thanks, Elecraft.

-Jim Serial No. 0091