Subject: Elecraft K2, SN 467, Ned KC2FLM
Date: Sat, 23 Oct 1999 10:31:58 -0400
From: Ned Asam <>

I am a 55 year old electrical engineer who is just returning to amateur radio after being off the air for 25 years. I was originally licensed when I was in high school in 1958 (K2YSD). I was active for about 15 years, then other priorities took over. I chose the K2 as my "re-entry vehicle", and I have been delighted with the results.

I would encourage you to read the information on the Elecraft web site -- the testimonials, the email archives and the K2 manual. Also, there was an excellent review of the K2 in the CQ-VHF magazine in July or August. It was that article that got my attention.

If the K2 product brief describes what you want, and you decide to make the plunge, I can assure you that you will be delighted with the results of your purchase.

I am sure you are naturally hesitant to spend $500 to $1000 with a two family company with a new product. We all felt the same way -- all 600 (and growing daily) of us to date. Based on the emails on the reflector, I would venture to estimate that the satisfaction rate is close to 100%!

When I decided to get my license again I was looking for a high quality, state of the art rig that would let me incrementally build up a HF station that would be a pleasure to operate. I preferred to have a kit so I would be able to understand and to maintain it myself. I did not like the idea of having to send a ham rig back to the factory for repair. I hypothesized that the digital and analog integrated circuits had reached a level of maturity that the parts count and cost of a fairly sophisticated transceiver was approaching something a kit designer cold reasonably implement without resorting to sophisticated manufacturing techniques such as surface mounted components (i.e. not a kit).

The K2 fit my wish list perfectly. Its requirements grew out of the needs of a QRP club and the design evolved incrementally with continuous user feedback. The specific K2 design has matured over a two year period, and Eric and Wayne had the discipline to conduct a 100 unit beta test before product release earlier this year. The result is a very clean design, high quality components and more than 600 satisfied customers. 

The K2 is the result of the hard work and dedication of its designers in concert with a very enthused user community. This is the recipe for a great product. Products like the K2 just do not happen in a large corporate environment with their endless meetings, design reviews and
conflicting motives.

I suggest that you place your order before demand drives the price up!!

Ned Asam