K2 demonstration

Subject: K2 demonstration
From: Wayne A Smith (k8ff@juno.com)
Date: Fri Aug 27 1999 - 08:51:41 EDT

Last nite one of the local radio clubs had a show and tell meeting at a
picnic area.  Included were several FT100's and an IC706 in both mobile
and portable settings.  The STAR of the show was my K2 with the DK9SQ
portable loop antenna.

The K2/DK9SQ setup was easily setup and was on the air first making
QSO's.  During the demo, most were suprised to find out that the K2 was
only running 5 watts compaired to the other rigs at 100 watts.  The guys
were still talking about the K2 on the repeater this morning on the way
to work.  Neubies and oldtimers alike seem to be astonished at what QRP
stations can do and are impressed with the K2.

I plan to set up the same combination at the next Hamfest as an attention

72, de Wayne K8FF

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