Subject: K2 SSB
From: Jeff Gold (jeffmgold@hotmail.com)
Date: Tue Jan 04 2000 - 18:04:48 EST


well I had a bit of a time, but have finished doing some decent testing on 
the SSB adaptor. Had a Kenwood fan trying out receive, stated he couldn't 
believe how quiet the receiver is. I set all filter exactly as recommended.

When I first built the SSB adaptor, the reciever was great, weird power 
problems. Since I put one piece on at a time and checked every connection 
with a high power magnifying glass, I was a bit concerned. I got extensive 
(AWESOME) help from the Elecraft support. In trying to debug the problem I 
messed up the SSB adaptor so I couldn't get any receieve either.. very sad 
moment. I even removed one of the chips off the board, quite and experience.

Gary from Elecraft, somehow managed to simulate the problem and told me two 
places that might be shorted, the top of of one of the diodes and told me to 
check all crystal legs for shorts. Well I had somehow shorted the top of the 
diode to ground in reheating my connections.. you couldn't see the short .. 
I scraped carefully around the pad and put the diode back.. great receive 
again. I located a shorted leg to one of the crystals.. full power out.

I have gotten excellent audio reports using a cheapo mike.. wired to the 
Kenwood pinout. It is from my Ten Tec 2 meter transceiver, and works great.

Once I figured out how to use the mike, I have worked on every band from 
10-80 (I don't have the 160 adaptor. Worked DX on upper bands and locals on 

Great job Elecraft!!!

Jeff, AC4HF

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