K2: Canadian Chow Mein

Bruce Prior (n7rr@hotmail.com)
Sat, 06 Mar 1999 07:38:51 PST

     After Eric Swartz, WA6HHQ, arrived at the Vancouver International 
Airport, he and I found a chinese restaurant near the Eastburn Community 
Centre, where the Burnaby Amateur Radio Club holds its bi-weekly 
meetings.  Before we got around to ordering our dinner, Eric pulled out 
his K2 with the built-in gel cell battery.  Even with the battery, it's 
amazingly lightweight.  He installed a loaded whip for 20-m and attached 
a pigtail counterpoise.  When CW started coming out of the speaker, the 
entire staff of three at the restaurant gathered around to find out what 
was happening!  We tail-ended one station, which disappeared, then 
called CQ.  W6UGT, Paul, in Concord, CA came right back with his NC-20.  
We exchanged 559 reports. Remember, we were INSIDE with a puny whip 
antenna! Eric copied in his head while I, operating as VE7HR, resorted 
to scribbling on a paper napkin.  The filtering on the K2 is wonderful.  
I hadn't seen the manual yet, but operating was a breeze.  After signing 
with Paul I had a chance to look at the K2 manual.  Wow, it's an 
improvement on the old Heathkit manuals of my youth, and that's saying a 
lot.  I can't wait until my K2 arrives!  The combination of small size, 
very sophisticated technology, and light weight means that it's 
definitely going with me backpacking.  I'll cut down on other luxuries, 
but the K2 will find a place in my pack!
     Eric gave a great presentation at the Burnaby Club.  The crowds 
that gathered around the rig were finally kicked out by the Eastburn 
Centre janitor.  We're looking forward to his presentation today at the 
Harbor Cafe in Blaine, WA.  People are gathering at 1000 and the program 
begins with lunch at noon.  72, Bruce Prior  Blaine, WA