AW: K2 in contest conditions?

Peter Zenker (
Fri, 19 Feb 1999 15:45:08 +0100

PAUL, at 40 meter band overhere in Germany we have sereious contest conditions every evening. Al the European big guns with signals up to S9+40 plus lots of BC stn. I measured the RF Sum signal at the end of my 41 m long, 23 m up endfeed zepp severel times BEHIND the ATU. Allthough the ATU should give some extra selectivity plus some lost, I found between 150 mV and 350 mV RF at 50 Ohm. If I have to do measurements with a scope at low ranges, I have to disconnect the feeders to bring it outside of the building (I use a rope to bring it outside and pull it back again :-) If I dont do so, I see the envelope of the sum of lots of BC stn as a signal at the scope. The K2 handles this all without using the attenuator. Inbandsignals are handled the way that I can listen to S2 and after that to a S9+30 signal without using an RF-Gain regulator. I like the possility to have 3 filter positions with different bandwiths, that I can choose the bandwith for this filters by myself AND that I can set the BFO to a position I like. The different does not modify the CW tone I hear, but it modifies the sound of the background. I like a CW pitch as low as 400 Hz, but I hate low tone backround sound. So I have choosen settings that enable a 400 Hz pitch and depending of the BFO setting a high tone background noise. By the way, the background noise level is much smaller than that of my FT1000 72 de Peter DL2FI > -----Urspr ngliche Nachricht----- > Von: owner-qrp-l@Lehigh.EDU [mailto:owner-qrp-l@Lehigh.EDU]Im Auftrag > von Paul Erickson > Gesendet am: Freitag, 19. Februar 1999 09:20 > An: Low Power Amateur Radio Discussion > Betreff: K2 in contest conditions? > > I would really appreciate hearing from anyone who uses the > K2 in a serious contest effort. If it's ability to handle > strong adjcent signals, and it's computer control is up to snuff, > I will probably be in the market. > > Will have to sell off a few items to finance it. Anyone interested > in some cw filters for the ts930/940/850 or a OHR 400 with or > without a KC-2? > > cheers, Paul - VE7CQK - email: > >

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