K2 sighting on 20m

Thu, 11 Feb 1999 15:56:12 EST

Hi Gang, I am stuck home with the leftovers of the flu, and finally feeling better, found my way into the shack. On the 2N2/40, 40m was dead, but 20 sounded like there were signs of life on the Sierra. I pushed the general CQ button on the CMOS III, but got no answer. OK, pushed the CQ QRP button, and back came a feller in Tenn. name o' Conard, WS4S. Nice signal, easy fist. I tell him my name, QTH and give him a 559. He comes back with a 429 to 579, with QSB, and a chuckle. He says he's running 4w from a K2 into a vertical. K2? Did I hear K2? I send him a request to repeat the rig, BK, and he sends back Elecraft K2. HI HI, I send. I am on the list for the next round of K2s. Conard says it went together reasonably smoothly, and it is a great rig. Takes thinking and getting used to, but that's the good part. Hey Conard, your K2 sounds OK here in Long Island. My workbench is clear and ready. 72, Preston WJ2V

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