Elecraft K2 Report from another builder

Lee Bahr (bahr521@earthlink.net)
Mon, 08 Feb 1999 23:02:19 -0600

So far I have spent 15 hours working on my Elecraft K2 beta test kit. 
I have not been rushing this thing as this kit has lots of parts and
the board is double sided.  If you solder in a part in the wrong
place, a lot of time is needed to rectify the problem.  So far, I have
not put any of the parts in the wrong place and all has gone
This rig looks like a Swiss watch inside. My boards are now
mounted in the cabinet.  The cabinet is the most precision cabinet I
have ever seen for any rig.  It is made up of many parts yet, I swear,
it would almost hold water without leaking.  The cabinet is a piece of
art.  All the buttons, knobs, plugs, jacks, dial, meter, standoffs,
cabinet, interface together very well.  All the screws fit the mating
surfaces perfectly.  The mechanical engineering on this rig is
Tomorrow, I conduct my first electrical tests.  These tests
checks out the microprocessor circuits in the rig as the rig uses it's
own on board computer located on a microprocessor board just behind
the front panel board.  I am now just starting to stuff the main RF
board.  As you build up the main RF board you also run tests on each
section as you go.
Lee Bahr   w0vt

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