Subject: [Elecraft] The "K" in K2 stand for KILLER!
Date:     Mon, 2 Aug 1999 23:44:00 -0600
From:    "Rod, N0RC" <>
To:        <>

What a night!

First Jerry, W0MC (c174 mod) stops by with a homebrew Rock Loop ant. We tune it up with my MFJ 259B while propped up on a 6ft step ladder,in my yard. We get the SWR down to  1.5:1; So I run to basement grab my K2 (#286) and connect it to the Rock Loop--WE HEAR STUFF!! So guest OP, and C174 mod expert, Jerry, starts working ARS SP stations, Batt Op, 5W, within 15mins
he's worked coast to coast, boarder to boarder! WI, CA, VA, TX...others. With a Loop ANT 6 feet off the ground! I even worked a few with my call.

We celebrated our success with brewski's of choice and a couple of FRESH, warm from the oven, homemade, chocolate chip cookies. (My wife makes a MEAN CCC ;-)

Jerry would probably like to think his Ant made the difference, I on the other hand believe it's my superior construction skills used to assemble #286. :-) :-)

Later, with the #286 in the shack on my attic dipole,  I tune around 20M, (DX every where, 20's been hot late at nite)--Hear F5BBD finish up a QSO, drop my call BANG got 'em with a 539. Next I hear HA0NAC, drop my call with the others a few times, NADA. Then I hear him work a station down .3kHz, so rig for XIT, drop my call--559 another 5W DX QSO in the books!!!

What a night! Time for another CCC then hit the rack! ;-)

72/3 Rod, N0RC
da di dah