K2 is alive in Florida

Jerry Henshaw (jhenshaw@bellsouth.net)
Sat, 6 Feb 1999 09:47:53 -0500

Hi Gang,

 Finished building my K2 late last night (actually early this morning). It took about 30 hours to complete. I have been a ham for over 35 years and I can say this is the BEST designed kit that I have ever put together. Wayne and Eric deserve major KUDOS for raising the bar on future Qrp rigs.... this is going to be a tough act to follow. Independent of the fantastic specs and operational features, the K2's "fit and finish" is incredible! The kits fits together like a Swiss watch. The mechanical design is just as impressive as the electronics.

 Eric has been working the phones and email reflector all week long and I can't believe the level of service he is providing. I have had the pleasure of talking with him on the telephone twice, he was enthusiastically helpful. I don't see how he maintains his energy level with 100 Qrp testers constantly asking questions. Bottom line -- the level of support Eric and Wayne are providing is also raising the bar customer service.

 The rig is a absolute Qrper's dream rig. The good news is everything is microprocessor controlled....the bad news is everything is microprocessor controlled. This means we have given Wayne a open invitation to constantly upgrade and improve the K2..... I guess I will have to subscribe to the "chip of the month" club :-) In a former life, I wrote microcode for a living.... I wish I had access to the compiler/assembler for the K2 what fun it would be to roll your own! (Wayne and Eric are you listening?) Talk about a customer service nightmare... trying to troubleshoot someone else's code? I can dream can't I.

 The bottom line --- THE IS THE QUINTESSENTIAL QRP RIG!! You are going to love this baby. Standard disclaimers --- just a happy camper in sunny Florida.

 All the Best and 72's

 Jerry Henshaw



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