Sierra / K2 & Pontiac Blue

Bruce Hopkins - KL7H (
Fri, 5 Feb 1999 16:10:56 -0900

Hi Gang... It don't get much better than this!!! -45F outside, cozy warm woodstove (75F inside temp), listening to 14.060 on the Sierra, the Mac bringing all my QRP-L buddies onto desk center, and the laptop on the sideboard with the K2 operation manual on the screen... But it can get better... What is that call I hear finishing up a QSO and talking about the K2 ??? Well, it was Eric - WA6HHQ at about 519... I gave him a call and after a couple of trys he responds and gets my prefix... A very familiar sound to a KL7 is the signal going away shortly to be replaced by increased strength as the beam comes North... Eric's signal went to 549 and I received a 529... K2 @ 10W to Sierra @ 950mW... What does all this have to do with "Pontiac Blue" ??? For those of you not old enough to remember, ask your dad about the "Blue" jewel in the middle of the Pontiac tail lights back in the 40's & 50's... Many other makes used them as well and they became an aftermarket product you could kludge on to your '55 Chevy's tail lights... I am here to tell you that the K2 sounds like "Pontiac Blue" looks, COOL !!! The tone of the K2 is very pleasant to listen to... It is kinda round and smooth but not too soft... Many rigs key way to hard for my taste, some are way too soft... It is obvious that this rig was designed by CW buffs, to my ear it is just right... So Eric, it was fun... But don't you two have some work to do??? Lets see if I send the check today, it should be getting here just about the time I reach back from the Bahamas... Do you guys take wimpy sled dogs in trade??? You all take care and have fun... I've got to go chop some wood and get back in here to the K2 manual... Look for you all on FYBO... At these temps I may just stay by the fire with the wimpy sled dog... 72 / 73 / oo's - Bruce - KL7H Fairbanks, Alaska "Alaska QRP Club" - Web Site: - 10 Meter Beacon: 28.2825 +/- KL7AQC / BCN

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