Re: K2 builders, let's hear from you!

Tim Strong (
Fri, 05 Feb 1999 15:42:31 -0500

So far I have completed construction of the control board. It went together just as easy as reading the construction manual. I do have a feeling that this board is the easier board of the three. It took me about 5.5 hours to complete, but it has taken other more experience builders much less time than that. So far, I have about 9.5 hours of time invested in the kit, which includes reading the manual cover-to-cover, fixing minor errors in the manual, reworking the control board PCB, and inventorying and constructing the control board. The boards are great looking! There were a couple of pads that had to be reworked due to manufacturer error, but this will definitely be fixed for the production run. There will also be some other board cleanup in terms of moving/covering some traces away from some mounting hardware, which again will be fixed for production. Eric and Wayne are doing a great job of supporting us, as well as all of the field testers are supporting and encouraging each other. I have taken a couple of pictures and hopefully by the end of next week I can have them posted on the web. I don't have a digital camera, so I have to wait for the film to fill up and then get developed. Does anyone have any requests as to what they would like to see? So far I have taken a picture of the kit as it is unpacked from the box and a picture of the cover of the manual along with the front cover. BTW, the front cover looks real sharp! I plan on taking pictures of each completed board, and I'll take a picture of the front panel and RF boards before they are stuffed. What else would you like to see? I am hoping that these pictures will turn out okay. I'll post the URL once the pictures are on-line, as it is a page that is sparsely populated (like empty). 73, -- -Tim ---------------------------------------------------------- KG2NO ------- ___o Timothy J Strong o___ ------- `\-<, Northern Telecom ,>-/' ------- (*)/'(*) 97 Humboldt Street (*)`\(*) ---------- Rochester, NY 14629 --o---o-o- -------- Summer -------- QRP-L #780 -------- Winter ------

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