K2 field test

Fri, 5 Feb 1999 08:54:38 -0500

I'm one of the field testers. We got our kits last weekend. The radio comes in 3 boards: control, front panel and RF. I have completed the first two, in about 5 hours (including unpacking and sorting). The components for each PCB come in marked, pink, zip-loc bags. The 150+ page manual has schematics, photos and illustrated parts lists. Everything in the kit is wrapped up and protected. The K2 kit is a real joy to build, and the reason you haven't been hearing too much about it on QRP-L is that we're all busy building! There is a private reflector for field testers to comment on things they have found, but they are all minor issues like a missing part here or there, which arrives in a couple of days from Eric or Wayne, who don't appear to sleep, eat, or anything else but stand by, waiting to help. I have never seen support like we're getting! Several field testers have their K2s up and running already. Build time for the basic rig seems to be running in the 15 to 25 hour range, including alignment. The quality of the components, instructions and [really neat, painted] enclosure is absolutely first-rate. I'm hoping to finish my RF board this weekend, so I can catch the tail end of the fox season with the K2. Wayne and Eric have done a great job with this kit. You're gonna like it. Disclaimer: I'm a Wayne Burdick fan. I have a SST, Forty-9er and a NC-40. I paid full price for my field test rig. I've never met Wayne or Eric, 'cause I live on the wrong coast. I will buy them both a dinner if they ever show their faces in Boston :-) 72, Peter, KA1AXY

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