Ohio K-2 On the Air

Thu, 11 Feb 1999 18:03:52 EST

Wayne, Eric and the Gang, My K-2 is up, running and on the air. Last evening I made several stateside contacts on 40 meters receiving good signal reports. Everyone reports the rig as sounding excellent. Today I worked a little 15 meters and in addition to stateside worked Spain. Many of the people I've had QSO's with are anxious to hear one on the air and several people have commented that they have orders in or are about to place one at the conclusion of the field test. Had no real problems in assembly (only a few imagined ones) Was only short one resistor and the 39uH choke that everyone received in their care package. I started construction a few days after many others so I had the benefit of the Alerts from Wayne and Eric. Having the reflector is an excellent touch and the service is both immediate and invaluable. I just hope that Wayne and Eric are managing to save a few hours per day for sleep, nourishment, and seeing their wives. Good job fellows. In my opinion the manual is absolutely first rate. Very easy to follow and yet concise. I don't know if this was me working too long at a session but I seemed to have had a few more incorrect parts placements than I usually do. I caught them all during inspection and only missed one one solder joint that immediately revealed itself when I couldn't get any drive on the 20 and 30 meter bands. (one lead of a coil not soldered at all). I do have one possible suggestion. When there are long list of components to install such as resistors or capacitors it might help to break the lists down to twelve or so components followed by a few blank lines. eg: R-1 10K, R-3 150 R-6 1K R-7 10K, R-8 10K R-9 10K R-12 220 R-13 10 R-14 4.7K R-15 6.8K etc, etc, etc... However this might just be a case of my tired old eyes losing track. It might also be better not to interupt a string of .01 ufd caps with a lone .1 ufd one. Just a suggestion for what it's worth. I thought the alignment procedure excellent and trouble free. Everything adjusted and peaked as per the manual. I ran through the procedure as per manual and also with the aid of a scope. For those fellows without scopes don't worry! The manual procedure is just fine. Now to get a little more time on the air to get used to all of the controls and their functions. I should comment that the rig is very intuitive and a breeze to operate. I especially appreciate the fact that the menu items are either single push or push and hold rather than hold multi buttons simultaneously as is found on many other rigs. I have been signing my call K8IDN/K2 and people have called me to both hear the rig and ask questions. I will try to be on 40 again tonight (if I get my chores done) +/- 7040. 73, Steve K8IDN

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